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Meine is a municipality in the district of Gifhorn, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is a village and member municipality of the Samtgemeinde Papenteich. The Municipality Meine includes the villages of Abbesbüttel, Bechtsbüttel, Grassel, Gravenhorst, Meine, Meinholz, Martinsbüttel, Ohnhorst, Wedelheine, Wedesbüttel.



* distance from downtown
City of Gifhorn (13 km)
Municipality Rütgesbüttel (6 km) Village Ohnhorst (3 km)
Village Rethen (4 km) Village Wedelheine (3 km) City of Wolfsburg (18 km)
Municipality Vordorf (1 km) Village Abbesbüttel (3 km) Village Grassel (6 km)
City of Peine (30 km) City of Braunschweig (17 km)

Geographical position

Meine is situated north of Braunschweig, between the Harz and the Lüneburg Heath. The Mittellandkanal is crossing the community area. Administratively it belongs to the district of Gifhorn. Meine is situated at the German highway 4 and around 7 km to the north of the interchange Brunswick North (A2 /A391). Other bigger towns nearby are: Wolfsburg, Salzgitter, Wolfenbüttel, Gifhorn, Peine and Celle.


The first documentary mentioning of Meine was in the year 1007. In former times the village was known as Meynum. It is expected that Meine is much older and it may have been erected during the Saxon Wars by troops of Charles the Great. From 11th century on, Meine was a frontier town between the Bishopric of Hildesheim and the Bishopric of Halberstadt. The latest significant upturn started with the construction of a Sugar beet factory in 1883.



Meine is by the majority Protestant. It forms an evangelic Parish together with the villages Meine, Abbesbüttel, Wedelheine, Wedesbüttel, Grassel, Gravenhorst, Ohnhorst, Meinholz, Martinsbüttel as well as the village of Vordorf.


Municipal Council

The council of the Municipality Meine consists of 23 councilmen and women:

(Status: community election 10. September 2006 with a voter participation of 59,16 %)

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