A mehfil (Hindi: महफिल; Urdu: محفل; sometimes spelled mahfil) is a concert of Indian classical music (particularly Hindustani classical music), as well as dance and poetry, performed for a small audience in an intimate setting. Historically, mehfils were presented in the homes or palaces of royalty or noblemen, who acted as these artists' patrons. Today they are generally given in the homes of especially avid music lovers. Ghazals are a common genre performed at mehfils. Such performances are rarer today than in the past.

Several mehfil performances may be seen in the Satyajit Ray film Jalsaghar (1958).


The Hindi word mehfil derives from the Urdu language, which in turn derives from the Arabic word mehfil (محفل), which means "gathering to entertain (or praise someone)." Mehfil-e-Naat is an Islamic mehfil (forum) in which people sit and recite poetry in the praise of the Prophet Muhammad.


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