The Megdova River (Ποταμός Μέγδοβας) is a river that flows through the Karditsa and the Evrytania prefectures.


The river begins in the mountains of the north the prefecture and passes since the late-1950s into Lake Plastiras, a reservoir that supplies electricity and water to Thessaly and Central Greece. It passes into the Evrytania prefecture and with a valley filled with only traces of farmlands, beautiful pine and spruce trees and its natural beauty with a few stone bridges, it passes by Karoplesi and west of Domianoi, it flows under the GR-37 underpass west of Karpenisi and into the villages and the forested region of the south and since 1967, it empties into the Kremasta or Achelous Reservior. The river empties into the tributaries of the Acheloos and the Agrafiotis rivers (though not seen today).

Places within the river


In the late-1950s, the Lake Plastiras was added and it took years to transform from a forested valley into a lake with a beautiful and natural scenery with pine trees and wildlife. Another project in 1967 caused the creation of the Kremasta reservoir was under construction and before, it was the tributary with the Acheloos and the Megdova rivers and the flow was extended approximately two kilometres further north when it was complete in the early to mid 1970s.

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