Megavolt (Darkwing Duck)

Megavolt (Darkwing Duck)

Elmo Sputterspark, better known as Megavolt, is a fictional character, a super-villain from the animated television series Darkwing Duck, produced by Disney. He appears to be an anthropomorphic "dog/rat/weasel thing". Megavolt is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

Character Biography

When a bully sabotaged his science fair project on static electricity, young Elmo Sputterspark gained the ability to absorb and project electrical currents, and to grant nearby electrically powered objects a form of sentience. He wanted to call himself "Megawatt", but the band playing at the dance had already adopted that name. Sputterspark's transformation gave him virtually unlimited power. However, it also fried several portions of his brain, leaving Megavolt rather demented; he believes that lightbulbs, toasters and anything else powered by electricity have been "enslaved" by Mankind and need rescuing, which explains why he is usually seen leaving the crime scene with bags full of flashlights, toasters and ovens instead of money.

Later in the series, he also seems to suffer from sporadic memory loss, even asking who he is and who Darkwing is.

Megavolt was a member of the Fearsome Five (along with Negaduck II, Bushroot, Liquidator, and Quackerjack; he occasionally teamed up with the latter as a duo-although he hates it when Quackerjack calls him "sparky"). He also took orders from Negaduck as a henchman. He was once forced to partner up with Darkwing Duck on a case, because if the villain they were battling destroyed St. Canard, there would be nothing left for him to rob. In one episode Darkwing Duck defeats Megavolt by turning his own powers against him-he literally charges and changes Megavolt into a super magnet. Despite being rather dimwitted and absentminded at times, Megavolt is one of Darkwing Duck's more dangerous adversaries in terms of the sheer amount of power he possessed--Darkwing himself uses Megavolt as an example of what a supervillain is when taken to Mertz in Planet of the Capes. Darkwing also considered Megavolt to be his arch enemy for a large portion of the show's run.


Over the course of the series Megavolt has built brilliant successful devices that either transformed an villain, caused mindless destruction, or natural disasters that either he or Darkwing are forced to rely on the other for help. For example:

The Tron-Splitter was a device developed by Megavolt that separated any matter its beam struck into its component positrons and negatrons. If its beam hit something already composed entirely of positrons or negatrons, that matter became "galvanized" with the appropriate (positive or negative) energy. The device also had a "zoom" feature that enabled it to totally or partially duplicate any matter its beam struck. The device was destroyed thanks to Darkwing Duck's allies.

The Relax-a-tron was a device that turned people into calmless, stressless types who don't care what's happening around them; he used this on Darkwing and teamed up with Quackerjack to wreak havoc on St. Canard. However when it ran out of electricity and he had to recharge it, it was over-surged and destroyed, causing an blackout to the entire city.


  • Originally, Megavolt was going to be called "Dim Bulb".
  • Gosalyn discovers that Megavolt was once Sputterspark by drawing a pair of coke-bottle glasses on a picture of him in Drake Mallard's high-school yearbook.
  • Megavolt is public enemy #3 in St. Canard. In an episode where Negaduck is complaining about being #2 behind Dr. Slug, Megavolt's picture can be seen below Negaduck's in the article he's reading.
  • In one episode, Megavolt threatens to sign up for a TV show with the "You-Know-Who-Brothers" - a joking reference to Disney's rival Warner Brothers.
  • Megavolt is the most recurring villain to appear in the series, and in each episode he shows more signs of insanity and forgetfulness.

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