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List of characters in the Mega Man Legends series

This is a list of characters that appear in the Mega Man Legends series.

Japanese names are listed first; English names, if applicable, are listed second.

Digger characters

  • MegaMan Volnutt/Trigger (also called Rock Volnut) - A teenage digger and protagonist of the Mega Man Legends franchise (excluding The Misadventures of Tron Bonne). During one of Barrell Caskett's digs on Nino Island, he found a large crystal embedded into the wall with a baby and a monkey inside. As Barrell investigated this further, he touched the crystal which caused it to melt and the duo to be released. Since Barrell had sneaked into the Nino ruins without permission, he took the baby and the monkey (Data) with him. The baby was later renamed Rock Volnutt at the request of Roll since it was her favorite video game hero. It is later revealed that Rock Volnutt is a first class purifier unit from Elysium (Heaven in the Japanese version), whose job was to eliminate malfunctioning units (Much like a Maverick Hunter from the Mega Man X series).
  • Roll Caskett - Rock's adopted sister. Roll often aids Rock during his dungeon adventures by making him weapons and transporting him around the city. Not much is known about Roll, but her parents were diggers who mysteriously disappeared on a dig of Forbidden Island. She is 14 years old (at the beginning of the series) and has quite a bit of skill in mechanics. She also constructs special weapons for Rock during the games.
  • Professor Barrell Caskett - Roll's grandfather, and Rock's adopted grandfather. Barrell is a famous Digger who has wrote many books on digging. He was the one who discovered Rock in the Nino Island ruins after sneaking into it without permission. He took care of Roll after her parents disappeared and later looks after Rock as well.
  • Data - A little robot monkey that saves the player's game, accompanies Roll somewhat as a pet, and gives Rock helpful information if asked. It is later revealed that Data contains all of Rock's memories, but were stored inside him so that they could not be retrieved by anyone but himself. He can talk, but only Rock can understand him, however it appears that others can understand him by the end of Mega Man Legends 2.

Pirate characters

  • The Bonne Family - The leaders of the Servbots, they often create difficulties for Mega Man and Roll as they continue on their adventures. Tron, Bon and Teisel are all air pirates who search for treasure and acquire it by whatever means necessary.

Tron Bonne: Tron is the genius of the trio, she created the Servbots (Kobuns in Japan) and also creates many of the Bonne's fighting machines.

Bon Bonne: Not much is known about Bon, but there is speculation that he is actually a genius baby in a fighting suit. He is only able to say "Babu", but his siblings understand him just fine.

Teisel Bonne is the brains of the trio who has a unique way of thinking. His plans and tactics are often extravagant and would most likely work if it were not for MegaMan and team.

  • Glyde - Henchman of Lex Loath, who leads the Birdbots, small bird-like robots with meaner dispositions than the Servbots. In The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, he captures Teisel and Bon when Teisel fails to pay the debt he owed Loath in time. Glyde and Loath are defeated by the Bonnes and arrested, but Glyde reappears a year later in Mega Man Legends 2. He works with Bola, Klaymoor, and the Bonnes to find the keys to the Mother Lode before MegaMan.
  • Lex Loath - A loan shark who desired to awaken an enormous Reaverbot called the Sleeping Colossus. To achieve this goal, he captured many Diggers, including Teisel and Bon Bonne. He was defeated by the Bonnes and put in jail along with Glyde.
  • Bola - An aged, but easygoing pirate, Bola looks like a ninja with a claw and a sword, and he has the ability to fly and teleport. He is convinced by his partner Klaymoor to aid him in the search for the keys to the Mother Lode, but he is not too interested in the keys. He battles MegaMan twice in the Manda Ruins and loses both times. When the pirates make their final stand in Calinca, Bola decides to leave, saying he is too old for this, and Klaymoor leaves with him.
  • Klaymoor - A veteran pirate, Klaymoor is the larger of the two pirates, with a machine gun arm. Unlike his partner Bola, who is easygoing and does not care about the keys, Klaymoor is determined to get them. He fights MegaMan twice on Nino Island, but concedes to defeat when he pulls something in his back. When the pirates make their final stand in Calinca, Bola convinces Klaymoor to give up the search, saying he is too old for this.

Elysium characters

  • The Master - The last natural human, who lived on Elysium for 3,000 years. Despite being human, he bears a resemblance to Zero from the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero series because of his blue eyes and long blond hair. He cared for MegaMan Trigger and towards the end of his life, he asked MegaMan to take him to Terra. Before his death, he asked MegaMan to destroy the System Library.
  • MegaMan Juno - The master of all the ruins on Kattelox Island, he was awakened by MegaMan Volnutt when he entered the Main Gate. Juno attempted to "reinitialize" the island's systems--by activating a system that would kill every person on the island. He was defeated by MegaMan in battle.
  • Reaverbots - The main enemies encountered by the player in the series. Reaverbots vary in size, shape, form, and abilities, and are essentially equivalent to a Mechaniloid in construction and thinking capacity.
  • Mistress Yuna / Matilda - A "Mother Unit" assigned by the Ancients to oversee the systems of Terra. Several years ago, she found a dying carbon (human), who happened to be Matilda, Roll's mother. Yuna used parts of her body to save Matilda, but ended up using too much for her own body to function and she had to inhabit Matilda's body.
  • Mistress Sera - Another "Mother Unit," Sera was assigned to the systems of Elysium. She was jealous of the attention MegaMan Trigger received from the Master and engaged him in battle when the Master asked MegaMan to destroy the System Library on Elysium. After the battle, Yuna separated MegaMan and Sera, sealing Sera in a diamond-shaped force field on Forbidden Island. She is awakened by MegaMan, and she manipulates him into getting the keys to the Library for her so she can activate the Carbon Reinitialization Program (similar to what MegaMan Juno was going to do). MegaMan defeats her in battle, and even though her body is destroyed, her memory is transferred to Yuna's original body.

Other characters

  • Verner Von Bluecher - An old friend of Barrell's, who built the Sulphur-Bottom using his wealth. He and Barrell attempted to explore Forbidden Island 30 years ago, and are out to try again now.
  • Amelia - The mayor of Kattelox Island, who was an assistant for Barrell while she was in school.
  • Joeseph - A man that MegaMan and Roll met at Calinca. He was found unconscious on the island and was taken in by a bartender named Maria. He has the blueprints for a dropship, an invention made up by Banner, Roll's father. After he gives Mega Man the key to the train in order to defend the city against the pirates, a scene is shown where he is holding a picture of Roll and her parents when she was young where he mentions that Roll and Mega Man are trying to succeed where they (Roll's parents) failed and that Mega Man is the one, that they can do it. After MegaMan defeats the pirates in Calinca, Joe leaves the island along with Maria and her daughter.
  • Gattz and Geetz - Two servant-type units. Gattz protects Yuna/Matilda and Geetz protects Sera. They both have the ability to change from their humanoid forms to large bird Reaverbots. After MegaMan collects the keys, Geetz attacks him to prevent from pursuing Sera. He crashes into MegaMan, wounding him at the cost of his own life. Gattz aids MegaMan in his battle with Sera by sabotaging her body, but Sera realizes what he's trying to do and kills him (even though it's never seen how Sera kills Gattz, Yuna mentions that he is dead because of her).

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