MegaMan Battle Network 3

Mega Man Battle Network 3

MegaMan Battle Network 3 is the third game in the MegaMan Battle Network series, released in 2002 in Japan and 2003 in North America for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance handheld video game console.


Battle Network 3 was released in two versions: White and Blue for English release. Each version had slightly different Battle Chips (largely from the different way chips are organized), as well as slightly different sidequests. Because of the release coinciding with the 15th anniversary of Mega Man, and the fact that MegaMan.EXE (rather than the classic Mega Man) is featured in the 15th anniversary logo, this game is often touted as the premier game that showcased 15 years of Mega Man, despite Battle Network only representing a small section of the Mega Man series.

While in North America and Europe, two complementary versions of the game - Blue and White - exist, marketed simultaneously, this was not the case in Japan. Blue, originally called Black, was actually an enhanced version of White, containing bugfixes, new areas, optional bosses, and other improvements, and was released some months after the original (which had no color subtitle).


Doctor Wily has reformed the terrorist organization WWW, and now seeks to release Alpha, an evil prototype version of the Internet that was locked away before the current Internet was set up. To release him, Wily needs the passwords, referred to in-game as TetraCodes, to the firewalls Alpha is trapped behind, which are hidden in secret locations.

Lan Hikari and his NetNavi, Megaman, attempt to defend the TetraCodes from Dr. Wily, but he manages to retrieve them anyway with the help of Bass, and uses them to release Alpha. Alpha consumes Dr. Wily and proceeds to infect the whole of the Internet with his coding.

Megaman battles Alpha, and is able to defeat him. As Alpha begins to delete, the network around him begins to crash. Megaman is unable to escape the crash, and is supposedly deleted.

Later, Lan's father manages to recover Megaman during a salvage operation of the affected network location, and is able to revive him.


The gameplay in Battle Network 3 is similar to that of its predecessors, with no graphical enhancements and minor gameplay changes. Gone are the Power-Ups that were to be collected to improve the MegaBuster - instead the Navi Customizer is added, allowing abilities to be added on with certain rules as to how these abilities can be added with respect to each other.

Each version of the game has a separate Contest Navi: BowlMan for Blue/Black, and MistMan for White. Blue also includes another Navi, Punk, that could be challenged from time to time. Punk's chip was only available as part of a special promotion in Japan. However, it can be attained via a cheat device or by being traded from Black to Blue. White, on the other hand, has no such Navi.

Also, like in Battle Network 2, the player can earn stars (now up to seven) on the title screen for completing certain tasks.

In Battle Network 3 the virus breeder is available, where viruses (that must be found first somewhere in the net) are kept and can be fed using bugFrag. When a virus is found and put in the breeder, a chip for that virus is obtained. Feeding each virus bugFrag levels up their chip accordingly. After a family of a certain type of virus has been fed to the max, they will release information to the player as to where their King can be found.


Boss Navis

Lan and MegaMan take on a new roster of Navis in this game, three of which are version exclusive.

  • FlashMan.EXE - The first boss in the game, FlashMan and his operator Rei Saiko were sent to Lan's school to retrieve the first "Tetra Code", codes to unlock the "Cyber Geddon" Alpha, the same night that Lan and co. were there looking for Dex's homework. After being discovered, he hypnotized Dex, Mayl, and Yai, leaving Lan to fight FlashMan alone. After MegaMan beats FlashMan, FlashMan uses his Browser Crasher attack, causing problems for Lan and MegaMan later in the game. He makes a second appearance in the WWW (World Three)'s HQ, where he fuses with his operator.
  • BeastMan.EXE - BeastMan and his operator Takeo Inukai were sent to Yoka Zoo to collect the second Tetra Code. By posing as the new head of the Zoo, he released all of the animals from their cages, causing a distraction while he and BeastMan get the Tetra Code. BeastMan is defeated, but later comes back in the Undertnet Ranking, He does not appear at the HQ due to his failure in the undernet ranking.
  • BubbleMan.EXE - BubbleMan is an independent Navi (a Navi with no operator) and is DrillMan's "cousin". Using faulty dish washers called Bubble Wash, that trap people in bubbles when used, he attempted to make the world fear the WWW. He, like the other WWW Navis re-appears in the WWW HQ.
  • DesertMan.EXE - DesertMan and his operator Sunayama (producer of the N-1 Grand Prix and participates under the name "Q") took Chaud's father hostage, telling Chaud he would have to trade ProtoMan for him. Lan interrupts, throwing his PET at Sunayama's head to distract him while Chaud unties his father. DesertMan is defeated, but re-appears in the WWW HQ.
  • PlantMan.EXE - PlantMan and his operator, Anette were brain-washed by Dr. Wily to get the third Tetra Code, telling them that it would help save the planet. Anetta posed as a nurse and, with the help of PlantMan, caused the giant tree in the center of Seaside Hospital to grow vines, shutting down all of the appliances. Happening right in the middle of Mamoru's (Lan's friend) operation, Lan sets out to find what's up. Lan finds PlantMan and defeats him, allowing the operation to be successful. PlantMan re-appears alongside FlameMan in the WWW's HQ.
  • FlameMan.EXE - Mistranslated into "FlamMan" in the U.S. version, FlameMan is Mr. Match's new Navi. Posing as an Official, Mr. Match uses Lan as an accessory to start the entire Net on fire. After Mr. Match reveals that he has rejoined the WWW, Lan and MegaMan set out to stop the fires while Mr. Match steals the last Tetra Code. After stopping the fires, FlameMan leads MegaMan into the Undernet. After being defeated by MegaMan, FlameMan attempts to fight Bass, and is deleted in one hit. FlameMan re-appears along with PlantMan in the WWW's HQ.
  • CopyMan.EXE - CopyMan is an Undernet Rank Navi that takes the forms of other Navis. Since he appeared in the form of GutsMan, his true identity was not seen. It was never revealed if CopyMan had an operator.
  • BowlMan.EXE - BowlMan is an independent Navi that appears in the Undernet Ranking. He is an exclusive Navi that is only in Blue Version. (Both BowlMan and Mistman's Omega version can be fought in either game, however.)
  • MistMan.EXE - MistMan is the equivalent to BowlMan, and is exclusive to the White Version. (Both BowlMan and Mistman's Omega version can be fought in either game, however.)
  • DrillMan.EXE - DrillMan is an independent Navi, and is the last of the WWW Navis in this game. With all four Tetra Codes in Wily's grasp, he sends DrillMan to fetch Alpha. MegaMan pursues DrillMan to the far reaches of the Undernet, and deletes DrillMan. But before he takes Alpha's program, Bass appears and sends Alpha to Dr. Wily. DrillMan re-appears along with the other WWW Navis in the WWW's HQ.
  • Bass.EXE - Being manipulated by Dr. Wily, Bass destroys "Guardian", the last thing keeping Alpha at bay. After being unleashed, Alpha absorbs Bass. Inside Alpha, he finds Gospel, and fuses with him, making him Bass GS.
  • Alpha - After Megaman defeats Bass, Alpha ,resembling a blob, appears and swallows Bass and Dr. Wily.
  • Alpha Omega - After you receive all seven stars, Alpha will become Alpha Omega, then having quicker and more powerful attacks and 3000HP.

Optional Bosses

Some of these Navis you have to fight, but for the most part are optional.

  • GutsMan.EXE - Lan is forced to fight GutsMan and his operator Dex quite a bit in this game, and he has some new attacks, but he is weak and easy to defeat.
  • KingMan.EXE - KingMan and his operator Tora are master NetBattlers and chess players. Lan fights him in the N-1 Grand Prix's semi-finals, and wins.
  • ProtoMan.EXE - ProtoMan is not fightable until you beat the game, but you see him quite a bit before hand. He and his operator Chaud are Lan and MegaMan's rivals.
  • MetalMan.EXE - MetalMan's operator, Tamako, is Yoka Inn's "princess", and runs the Gift Shop there. You have to fight MetalMan in the N-1 Grand Prix, but is optional before and afterwards.
  • Punk.EXE - Mr. Famous new Navi, Punk, is a Blue Version exclusive boss. His chip was taken out of the U.S. Blue Version for unknown reasons while Mr. Famous's Wristband (used to power up the Punk Chip) was still obtainable. However, it can be obtained if you trade it over from Black Version, Blue Version's Japanese equevilant.

Secret Bosses

These are the bosses of the Secret Area, the Undernet's main server's net.

  • DarkMan.EXE - DarkMan is an Undernet assasain seeking to fight Serenade, the Undernet's king. However, he must first defeat 10,000 enemies. DarkMan has the ability to change his element, similar to ElementMan from MBN6.
  • JapanMan.EXE - JapanMan (YamatoMan in the Japanese version) is the right hand man of Serenade, and is modeled after a Japanese samurai with a spear.
  • Serenade.EXE - Serenade is the king of the Undernet, although this may be a translation error, since the Japanese version refers to "him" as the queen. Serenade's chip is exclusive only to White Version. It is thought that Serenade is in fact Mamoru's Navi, since Mamoru's father created the Undernet. Meaning that Lan and Mamoru had the NetBattle they promised to have. It should also be noted that Mamoru has on the side of his wheelchair an emblem also seen on Serenade's belt and when Lan needed to find Serenade (or "S") to find the forbidden program, Mamoru comes along and leads Lan to the forbidden program needed to defeat Alpha by leading him the Undernet server hidden in Yoka.
  • Bass GS - After Bass.EXE was absorbed by Alpha he finds Gospel inside, and fuses with him, making him Bass GS, he is the last boss in Secret Area.


Multiplayer is accessible from the Comm option on the Main Menu. Multiplayer, also called Netbattling, allows two players to fight head to head with their respective Megaman.EXEs. When you enter the Multiplayer screen, the player can choose from Netbattling, Trading Chips, and Comparing Libraries.


By choosing this option from the Comm. menu, you are given two options again: Practice and Real. Practice allows two players to battle with no risk of losing chips, and does not count against your Win/Loss record. In Real, the losing player in a Netbattle forfeits a chip randomly chosen from their chip pack. Real matches count for win/loss records. There is a special Giga-Chip that is attained in this fashion (DeltaRayEdge Z for Blue, Balance Y for White), which has a 1/32 chance of happening instead of the winning player acquiring the other player's chip. For these chips to be attained, one player MUST be playing Blue and you must be battling in midweight, real. After choosing Practice/Real, players can choose Lightweight, Midweight, and Heavyweight. Lightweight allows players to battle on a level field, with no negative panels on either side. Midweight may give certain obstacles on either player's side of the field, such as Rockcubes and plain Rocks. Panels may also be cracked or broken. Heavyweight is guaranteed to have negative panels on both sides, and some matches contain rapidly replenishing Guardians, which deal 200 damage (400 on ice or to aqua style, 800 to an aqua style on ice) to a player who hits them. This multiplayer is considered to be very deep to fans, due to the number of possible folders and styles that players could have.

Trading Chips

From this menu, players simply trade Battle Chips with other players. No Giga Chip can be traded. Trading is required to attain all seven stars in the game, due to the lack of Mistman in blue version and Bowlman in white version.

Comparing Libraries

From here, Megaman scans both player's libraries. If one player has a Battle Chip that the other player does not, the other player shall attain a blank spot in the library that represents that chip. From here, the player can buy that Chip from Higsby's shop in ACDC Town after the defeat of Beastman; using the Order System. Giga Chips cannot be bought from Higsby's Shop.

Battle Chips

Battle Network 3 introduces further classification of Battle Chips by splitting them into three categories: 200 white Standard chips, 85 blue Mega chips and 25 pink Giga chips. Standard Chips are limited to only four of each kind (even if letter codes are different) per folder. Mega Chips are limited to only five per folder, and only one of each kind. Only one Giga Chip is allowed per folder and only one copy of each Giga chip exists throughout the entire game. These specifications would continue for the remainder of the series. There are certain types of programs (see Navi Customizer) that can boost the Mega and Giga chip limits, though. There are five unique Giga chips exclusive to each version and this would continue for the remainder of the series, although Battle Network 5 offers six Giga chips per version. There are also Program advances which are a combination of three or four chips.




  • This is the first game in the MegaMan series ever to be released in separate versions.
  • Proto was likely renamed Alpha in the English releases in order to avoid confusion with Blues, who is known as "Proto Man" in the English releases.
  • Dr. Tadashi Hikari bears a clear resemblance to Dr. Light from the classic series. This game marks the first time that the original Dr. Hikari is referenced.
  • The reason for the UnderNet's existence is explained in the game.
  • This is the last game Styles are used. They are replaced with Soul Unison/Cross Change in later games.
  • This is the only game Serenade appears in. However, he makes a cameo in Battle Network 4 on a poster in Higsby's chip shop.
  • This is the first game to utiilze chip "Classes". Previously, Chips were either Standard, or Navi Chips. Now that more powerful chips were created, a class system was developed. Standard chips, Mega Class (containing most Navi Chips), and Giga Class.
  • This is the only game where Navi chips come in 5 versions. in the previous 2 games, they came in "Ver 1, 2 and 3", gaining a 4th and 5th (which is a Giga Class). Later games still only used 3 versions, but as SP and DS, and EX and SP in the final game.
  • This is also the only game where Custom and Team Ranking exists. Custom Ranking is if you S rank certain viruses without using Navi chips or your buster in a Custom Style, you get their chip in a new code (Possibly *), or an entirely new chip, like Burning from Fishy 2. Team Ranking is similar, however, you must S rank (by any means possible) in under 20 seconds in a Team style. doing so may give you their V4 chip.

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