medium: see spiritism.

Content of the region between the stars, including vast, diffuse clouds of gases and minute solid particles. Such tenuous matter in the Milky Way Galaxy accounts for about 5percnt of its total mass. By no means a complete vacuum, the interstellar medium contains mainly hydrogen gas, with a smaller amount of helium and sizable quantities of dust particles of uncertain composition. Primary cosmic rays also travel through interstellar space, and magnetic fields extend across much of it. Most interstellar matter occurs in cloudlike concentrations, which can condense to form stars. Stars, in turn, continually lose mass through stellar winds (see solar wind). Supernovas and planetary nebulae also feed mass back to the interstellar medium, where it mixes with matter that has not yet formed stars (see Populations I and II).

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Substance comparatively opaque to X-rays, which appears lighter on X-ray film and allows a body structure that does not normally contrast with its background to be seen clearly on the film. Common contrast media include barium sulfate and iodized organic compounds. They are given by the route that introduces them into the structure to be examined—swallowed or as an enema for the digestive tract, inhaled for the respiratory tract, or injected for blood vessels and for organs and tissues they supply. Serious reactions to contrast media are not infrequent. Seealso diagnostic imaging.

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Natural Science

In general, a medium is a material that is either itself undergoing a process that is being studied or used (e.g. transmission medium), or enabling another process of interest (e.g. growth medium). Specific examples include the following:

  • Processing medium, in industrial engineering, a material that plays a role in manufacturing processes
  • Excitable medium, a nonlinear dynamic system which has the capacity to propagate a wave
  • gain medium, an quantum system that allows amplification of power (gain) of waves passing through (usually by stimulated emission)
  • Growth medium (or culture medium), in biotechnology, an object in which microorganisms or cells experience growth
  • Interplanetary medium, in astronomy, material which fills the solar system
  • Interstellar medium, in astronomy, the matter and energy content that exists between the stars within a galaxy

Paranormal and New Age


Dramatic works


  • The Medium, an entertainment weekly at Rutgers University


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