Medical Information Technology, Inc., commonly known as MEDITECH, is a Massachusetts-based software and service company serving the medical community. Their information systems are installed in health care organizations throughout the world, with most customers located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1969 by chair and CEO Neil Pappalardo. Partner companies include LSS Data Systems and Patient Care Technologies, Inc. MEDITECH is now being implemented into all Ramsay Healthcare hospitals around Australia with great success.


The company was a primary contributor to the MUMPS programming language. In 1970, MIIS (Meditech Interpretive Information System) evolved from an early version of the MUMPS programming language. MIIS is no longer actively used by the company.

Products and Services

A successor named MAGIC (not to be confused with a different PC database product of the same name) is currently used by MEDITECH and its partner companies. The language is not marketed to outside application developers. While maintaining their proprietary business characteristic, MEDITECH has now moved to more sophisticated programming languages and more aesthetically-pleasing software producing across-the-board solutions for the health care industry. The company domestically develops, implements and services software products usually packaged into functional components.


In April 2007, MEDITECH announced it will be acquiring its long-time partner Patient Care Technologies. Upon completion of the acquisition, PtCT will become an independent subsidiary.

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