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Karuna Meditation Center

Karuna Meditation Center is a Buddhist meditation center located in the town of Kamala on the island of Phuket in Thailand. The guiding teacher is Michael Gregory and the primary teachings and practices are based on the Anāpānasati_Sutta, Mahasatipatthana_Sutta, and the Heart Sutra as well as the Four Immeasurables (Brahmavihara).


The center was first established in 2007 to provide opportunities for medium and long-term retreats.
The first 30-day Mahamudra (Nature of Mind) meditation retreat was held in May of 2008 with an attendance of twenty practitioners.


The facility consists of one building that contains the meditation hall, kitchen, and three bedrooms.


Michael Gregory Founder and main teacher. Former monk.
Thomas Gutherie Teacher and former monk.
Sue Carr Teacher and former nun.
Christian Strachan Staff member and former monk.

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Karuna Meditation Center
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