Mazzaroth, in the Bible, name probably signifying the signs of the Zodiac.
The word Mazzaroth is mentioned only once in the King James Version of the Old Testament of the Bible: It is found in the Book of Job. Smith's Bible Dictionary defines the Mazzaroth as the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac.

Two issues

  1. What it actually refers to, and:
  2. The idea that its context was a subject well known to Job.

There are many others, but these two shall serve as an introduction to the topic.

The Mazzaroth is believed to have been given from God to Adam to show His plan of redemption for man. It was supposedly corrupted by the Babylonians approximately around the building of the tower of Babel in Genesis.

The meaning of the word Mazzaroth has been in contention for some hundreds of years as the scarce but adequate literature confirms. Traditional sources generally interpret the word as meaning constellation, though usually understood in the plural, constellations; where others agree it specifically refers to the zodiac and possibly the planet Venus.

It is believed by some historians and scholars that the purpose behind this astrological reference was a prophetic guide to the coming of the Jewish Messiah. The knowledge of this was known to many in the ancient world, being aurally perpetuated to succeeding generations from Seth (see the Book of Genesis, the 5th chapter) and eventually to Job and his contemporaries.

Original figures and teachings of the Mazzaroth corrupted

With the increasing ability and desire to record these oral records into a written form, some of this knowledge has been lost; over the millennia their references have become vague and subtle, Mazzaroth being an excellent example.

However, for those with an inquiring desire for the esoteric elements of the mystery of the Mazzaroth, much will be revealed and certain elements of truth will not be lost, but remain for all generations : even as the author of the Book of Job intended, "...for the things which are revealed are ours and our children's forever..." [Deuteronomy 29:29].

According to the ancient Hebrews, the names of the constellations, figures and the signs of the ancient zodiac were given by Yahweh (the unutterable name of God) from the beginning of creation; however as it has been known to happen, certain etymological meanings and roots have eroded throughout time, with the ancient Hebrew language undergoing numerous changes and modifications in its history.

The mystery of the Mazzaroth is indeed, a rewarding and fascinating subject; the student of which will be taken on a figurative journey from: Virgo- the virgin woman, to Leo- the Lion of Judah, as the handiwork and the nature of the Hebrew God is revealed. Each constellation represents one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Further reading

  • Refer to the book "Mazzaroth" written by Frances Rolleston (1781-1864) ISBN 0-87728-946-8
  • Also reference "The Witness of the Stars" by E. W. Bullinger (1837-1913) ISBN 0-8254-2030-X
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