Mays, Willie Howard, Jr. ("Say Hey" Willie Mays), 1931-, American baseball player, b. Fairfield, Ala. He began his professional career at 17 with the Black Barons of the Negro National League. In 1951 he joined the New York Giants of the National League and led them to a world championship in 1954. Mays was a superb center fielder, an exciting baserunner, and an excellent hitter. Four times (1955, 1962, 1964-65) he led the league in home runs, four times in stolen bases, and he was the batting champion in 1954. In 1954 and 1965 Mays was voted most valuable player. He retired in 1973 after playing his final season with the pennant-winning New York Mets, having hit 660 home runs, the fourth highest total on record.

See his autobiography (1988).

Mays may refer to:


  • Benjamin Mays (born 1895), African-American minister, educator, and social activist
  • Billy Mays, television commercial salesman, most notable for promoting OxiClean
  • Brook Mays, investor in the Brook Mays Music Group
  • Carl Mays (born 1891), Major League Baseball pitcher, best remembered for throwing a pitch that struck and killed Ray Chapman
  • David Mays, co-founder and co-owner of The Source magazine
  • Dorothy Mays (born 1957), American model and actress
  • J Mays, Group Vice President of Design for the Ford Motor Company
  • Jayma Mays (born 1979), American television and film actress
  • Jerry Mays (born 1939), professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Joe Mays (born 1975), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Joe Mays (American football) (born 1985), professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles
  • Jonathan Mays, columnist for the Anime News Network website
  • Lee Mays (born 1978), American football wide receiver
  • Lowry Mays (born 1935), founder and current chairman of Clear Channel Communication
  • Lyle Mays (born 1953), American jazz pianist
  • Mark Mays, president and CEO of Clear Channel Communications
  • Matt Mays, Canadian singer-songwriter
  • Melinda Mays (bron 1962), American model and actress
  • Raqiyah Mays, American hip-hop journalist and radio personality
  • Raymond Mays, English auto racing driver
  • Rex Mays (born 1913), American race car driver
  • Stafford Mays (born 1958), American former football defensive lineman
  • Travis Mays (born 1968), American former professional basketball player
  • Willie Mays (born 1931), former Major League Baseball player

Other uses

  • May Anthologies ("The Mays"), anthologies of new writing by Oxford and Cambridge University students
  • Mays, Indiana, a small town in the United States

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