Maxie's World

Maxie's World

Maxie's World is an animated cartoon series about a teenage girl named Maxie in Surfside High School in California. Maxie was a straight A student who produced and hosted her own TV show part time. Based on the "Maxie" line of fashion dolls from Hasbro, this show was broadcast in late 80s and early 90s in syndication in the United States, and in the UK on Timmy Mallet's, Wacaday. The U.S. broadcast also included rebroadcasts of Beverly Hills Teens, and It's Punky Brewster.

The U.S. broadcast was syndicated by Claster Television, which was owned by Hasbro, the makers of the "Maxie" dolls. Because of this, a DVD release cannot occur without Hasbro's approval. It is unknown when, or if the series will be released on DVD.



  • Executive Producer: Andy Heyward
  • Co Executive Producer: Robby London
  • Producer: Cassandra Schafhaussen
  • Director: Marek Buchwald
  • Story Editor: Judy Rothman-Rofe
  • Executive in Charge of Production: Winnie Chaffee
  • Assisted by: Dawn Jackson, Stacey Gallishaw
  • Supervising Associate Producer: John O'Sullivan Francis Jr.
  • Production Coordinators: Steven Gold, Lisa Salamone
  • Production Assistant: Jose Gonzalez
  • Developed for Animation by: Phil Harnage
  • Voice Director: Paul Quinn
  • Talent Coordinator: Paul Quinn
  • Recording Assistants: Helen Asimakis, Sylvia Villagran, Daniela Spiwak, Mark McCorkle, John Tirpak
  • Script Coordinator: Lori Crawford
  • Assisted by: Bill Ruiz, George Robinson
  • Storyboards: Kevin Altieri, Brad Rader
  • Prop Designers: Gary Mouri, Steve Swaja
  • Storyboard Cleanup: Paul Scarzo
  • Character Designers: Gary Mouri, Mark Gordon Bates, Dale Hendrickson, Stephan Martinere
  • Background Designers: Jeff Purves, Vladimir Spasojevic, Flint Waifferr, Stephane Martinere
  • Color Backgrounds: John Calmette, Jay Scheuerle
  • Color Keys: Derdad Aghamalian, Tina Bigham
  • Storyboard Slugging: Ernie Schmidt, Jeff Hall, Bill Reed, Bill Hutton
  • Lip Assignment: Tony Love, Rich Trueblood, William Kent Holaday, Sandi Hathcock
  • Music by: Shuki Levy, Haim Saban
  • Music Supervisor: Andrew Dimitroff
  • Music Administration: Ron Kenan, Katy Consolino
  • Main Title Lyrics: Joellyn Cooperman
  • Music Orchestration and Arrangement: Barry Tropp
  • Recorded and Mixed by: Barron Abramovitch
  • Assistant Recording Engineers: Kevin Newson, Xavier Garcia
  • Music Assistant: Lisa Scharnett
  • Executive in Charge of Post Production: Thierry P. Laurin
  • Assisted by: Kimberly R. Cronin
  • Dialogue Editors: Richard Bruce Elliott, Richard S. Gannon, Gregory K. Bowron, Theresa M. Gilroy, Tonda Saska, Robert T. Gillis, Ron Fedele, Heather Elliott, Michelle Rochester
  • Assistant Editors: Donald P. Zappala, Karen Rosenbloom
  • Track Reader: Mark A. McNally
  • Supervising Sound Engineer: Michael J. Cowan
  • Format Editors: Lars Floden, William P. Magee
  • Music Editor: Bugsy Duck
  • Sound Effects by: Johann Langlie
  • Re-Recording Engineer: Mike Mancini
  • Videotape Supervisors: Phil R. Defibaugh, Mark S. Intravartolo
  • Post Production Assistants: Firooz Adelamini, Nye Tucker

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