Mawaddat al-Qurba

Mawaddat al-Qurba

Expresed love for the close of kin (Arabic: Mawaddat al-Qurba) is a Hadith collection purportedly written by Ali al-Hamadani .

The book is name based on the Qur'anic verse , a verse the according to many Muslims makes love to the Ahl al-Bayt obligatory.

The author, after having read the Qur'anic verse that demand Muslim to exprese love (mawaddat) for the Ahl al-Bayt (fi al-Qurba), started to collect narrations regarding them. At the end, it mounted up to a book. His book is praised by Shi'as as having many hadith that support the Shi'a view.

This book is quoted in Yanabi al-Muwadda purportedly authorted by Sulayman al-Qunduzi.


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