Matriculation Certificate

Matriculation Certificate

The Matriculation Certificate is a certificate awarded to post secondary students in Malta, who successfully pass two advanced level (equivalent to the British Advanced Level examinations and three intermediate advanced subsidiary examinations.

A pass is also required in Systems of Knowledge.

In order for a student to be successfully awarded the Matriculation Certificate students must achieve the following:

A) Achieve a pass in at least groups 1,2 and 3. and B) Have a total of 44 points (using the below system)

Students must be awarded this certificate in order to be accepted into University of Malta. However certain course at University of Malta require specific subjects at specific grades (or better) to be admitted in these courses. This is the case in course such as Engineering, Medicine, Science subjects, Commerce and many others. The following website of the University of Malta ( has the list of the said requirements.

Choice of Subjects

Subjects are divided into 4 groups. Each group representing Languages, Humanities, Sciences and Practical/Technical subjects. A student must choose one of each of the first three groups, and another two subjects chosen from any of the groups.

Group l: Maltese, Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Russian, Spanish;

Group 2: Accounting, Economics, Geography, History, Marketing, Philosophy, Religious Knowledge, Sociology;

Group 3: Applied Mathematics (Mechanics), Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science*, Physics, Pure Mathematics;

Group 4: Art, Computing, Engineering Drawing, Graphical Communication, Home Economics and Human Ecology, Information Technology; Music;

Systems of Knowledge*.

* offered at Intermediate Level only


Grades are given from A-F, with A being the best, and F indicating a Fail. Each grade obtained gives the candidates a number of points, which when added up can be used to give an overall grade.

Advanced Level                                 Intermediate Level
Grade A - 30 grade points                      Grade A - 10 grade points
Grade B - 24 grade points                      Grade B - 8 grade points
Grade C - 18 grade points                      Grade C - 6 grade points
Grade D - 12 grade points                      Grade D - 4 grade points
Grade E - 6 grade points                       Grade E - 2 grade points.

After adding up the points, the following may be used to calculate the overall grade:

Grade A - 80 -100 grade points
Grade B - 64 - 78 grade points
Grade C - 44 - 62 grade points

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