Mateus da Costa Meira

Mateus da Costa Meira

Mateus da Costa Meira (b. São Paulo, April 4, 1975), better known as The Shoot'em Up of Cinema, was a former university student from the area of medicine. The nickname comes from the fact of having fired a portable machine gun against people from the audience of a room in one of cinema shopping of São Paulo.

The Brazil rampage was allegedly inspired by Duke Nukem 3D's opening level "Hollywood Holocaust" (Episode 1, Mission 1), where a firefight with aliens takes place inside a cinema. It was also speculated at the time that he would have been influenced by the film Fight Club, which was displayed at the criminal attack.

According to eyewitnesses of action, the night of November 3, 1999, inside the cinema hall 5 of the Morumbi Shopping, south side of São Paulo, Mateus, would have raised their place, into to the bathroom - which would have given a shot in the mirror with broken glass. Mateus has used an Israeli Uzi 9 mm s - and then stayed in front of the audience, depriving the gun again and starting the shooting. These shootings resulted in 3 dead, 4 wounded and 15 more in panic. Tragedy which surrendered under the name Mateus holds up to this day.

Arrested in flagrant, he has just been sentenced to more than 120 years in prison under closed. His lawyers argued that Mateus was semi-fault, or had partial awareness of their actions. After several appeals court, Matthew was sentenced to 30 years formal maximum prescribed by the Brazilian justice. The defence lawyers tried in vain to plead mental insanity of his client.

He was aged 24 at the time.

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