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Matah is a fictional Aachim title in Ian Irvine's series of books, The Three Worlds Cycle.

Common Tongue Translation

Malien reveals to Tiaan that her title of Matah is loosely translated to "flawed hero". This is because the Aachim people are of two minds on the subject of Malien's role in the Histories. They respect her for her heroism, but frown upon her tendency to strive for all human kind, not just the Aachim.

Matah's role in the Aachim Hierarchy

The Matah of the Aachim is a very powerful position. The woman who is bestowed this position is usually chosen for her ability to think outside the box. The Matah of the Aachim of Santhenar is Malien and the Matah of the Aachim of Aachan is Urien. The Matah can outrank even the leader of the Aachim in certain situations such as a war or in situations that require controversial decisions.The Matah can also make decisions without consulting the Syndics, on occasion.

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