Masreliez is a French family name (surname) belonging to a family of artists of French origin and of a Swedish line of descent.

Some members of the Masreliez family members traveled to Sweden in the 18th century, convoked to Sweden by the king Gustaf III to make decorations on his castles during the golden age of Sweden-France relations. The first member of the family to do so, Jacques Adrien Masreliez from Grenoble, traveled to Sweden in 1748 to decorate the chapel of the royal castle; the library of Louise Ulrique at Drottningholm, where the Swedish royal family lives today; the king's bedroom at Gripsholm; and the organs of the Uppsala Cathedral. He also introduced the French rococo to Sweden. Both of Jacques' sons Louis Adrien and Jean Baptiste Edoard Barbe continued the tradition.

Other well-known members of the family include Curt Masreliez (1919 - 1976), an actor; and Johan Masreliez, a physicist.

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