Mascotte (rolling papers)

Mascotte (rolling papers)

Mascotte is a brand of rolling paper. There are different types of Mascotte papers available in a range of thicknesses, sizes and different burn rates. Mascotte offers its rolling papers in single booklets and in packs containing a several number of booklets. Besides rolling papers, Mascotte offers cigarette shells, that can be filled with tobacco using special cigarette making devices, which Mascotte also makes and various styles of filter tips. The company also manufactures different kind of cigarette rolling devices, as well as two different types of filter tips.


Mascotte is originally a Dutch brand. In 1858, Mignot & De Block BV, a cigar and cigarette factory from Eindhoven, was established. At the end of the Second World War, rolling paper was in short supply and could not be imported. Frank Mignot found the solution for this problem by using the same paper a regular Bible was printed on for rolling cigarettes. This resulted in the first Mascotte rolling papers that still exist today.

Nowadays, the Mascotte headquarters can still be found in Eindhoven. The cigarette shells are produced in France, Germany and Austria.

In 2002 Mascotte merged with the German company Gizeh and is now part of the Gizeh group.

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