Mascarita Sagrada

Mascarita Sagrada

At least three wrestlers have wrestled under the name "Mascarita Sagrada." This article is about the original.

Mascarita Sagrada is a Mexican midget wrestler who made his professional debut September 22, 1989 in Mexico City against Espectrito He is highly regarded as the most popular and skilled Mexican mini-wrestler of all time and has performed for WWF / WWE, WCW, AAA, CMLL TNA and Lucha VaVoom among others. He has also been featured in several films and marketing campaigns, including an uncredited cameo in the film My Giant with Billy Crystal and an ad campaign for Virgin Mobile.

The original Mascarita Sagrada was born in Felipe Pescador, Zacatecas. He started training as a luchador in 1987 under the instructions of Muralla Sangrienta I and Sr. Genaro Contreras. His first appearance in the ring was as Pequeno Luki, a mini-martial artist who alongside Arturito (one of the trolls in the movie Nacho Libre) fought against Gran Nikolai and Pequeno Goliath. Soon after this and because of his amazing skills, he would become the now legendary Mascarita Sagrada, the mini-version of popular luchador Mascara Sagrada.

There have been numerous and inaccurate debates as to the real Mascarita Sagrada's identity. The real Mascarita has performed as himself on all CMLL, WWE, WCW and TNA cards. He had a long and cordial relationship with AAA, including his appearance in the now legendary "When Worlds Collide"and TNA's first PPV spectacular "TNA Victory Road", alongside greats like Eddie Guerrero, el Hijo del Santo, Jeff Jarrett, Rey Misterio Jr. and Roddy Piper. His relationship with AAA became strained a few years back when trying to capitalize on his popularity, they presented a fake Mascarita Sagrada.

During his first run in the WWF, he performed as Mini Nova. Some people debate whether he performed as Mini Nova or as Max Mini, but in fact Max Mini was the wrestler and Mascarita impostor currently known as Tsuki.


It is very common for Mexican wrestling promoters to "clone" marquee performers, and Mascarita Sagrada has not been the exception. At least two other wrestlers have been known to falsely impersonate Mascarita Sagrada. Mini-wrestler Tsuki has performed falsely as Mascarita Sagrada, causing a rift between both, as has Torerito, who continues to impersonate him in AAA promotions and has just recently admitted it and changed his name to Mascarita Dorada. Mascarita Sagrada is not under contract under any promotion, his last contract was with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2006. About this, Mascarita speaks in his old official website, created by Miguel G. Fonseca, sharing credits with midget superstars like La Parkita original, Octagoncito original/Mini Mosaic, Pequeno Pierroth, Piratita Morgan/Mini Batallon and the former AAA worker El Nino de la Calle (Jose Mendoza) The website, was born in 2002, its completely abandoned now, but was one of the early lucha libre official sites with the Mascara Sagrada official site, of the same author.

The named "original midget stars", recognized Mascarita like the authentic leader of the group. Howeaver and according with Octagoncito's declaration, he suggested Mascarita to leave AAA.

In March 2007, Mascara Sagrada ran into Tsuki at a show in Minneapolis and discovered he was planning to perform as Mascarita Sagrada, and confiscated the full gear the impostor had been using for a while now impersonating Mascarita Sagrada. Mascara Sagrada personally notified his good friend Mascarita Sagrada of this by phone.

World Wrestling Entertainment 2005-2006

In October 2005, Mascarita Sagrada, along with other popular wrestlers like Octagoncito, Pequeno Pierroth and Super Porky had his second stint in WWE with the debut of the Juniors Division. Mexican mini-wrestlers have always had a comic element to their characters, but they are also extremely skilled athletes, but the Juniors Division was used mostly as comic relief in between matches in elaborate and obvious sketches.

The entire Juniors Division was released in March 2006. Sagrada was undefeated in his short-lived WWE career.

Pulse Wrestling article written by Kevin Bufton (10/20/2005):

(...)There's also a bunch of Mexican Minis like Piratita Morgan, Ultimo Dragoncito or Octagoncito, who rarely fail to impress in the ring. Sure, if you're not a fan of lucha, then you're not going to get much of a buzz out of mini-lucha action, but for a company keen to bring in the Hispanic fans, it could be a good move.

''Of course, the cream of the crop is Mascarita Sagrada. I can say, without a hint of hyperbole, that Sagrada is, pound-for-pound, one of the finest wrestlers in the world today. Note that I did not say one of the best midget wrestlers...just one of the best wrestlers...period. If you have never seen him in action then I urge you to find some footage of him - try AAA's When World's Collide show, or TNA's Victory Road PPV and please, try to ignore the fact that he's a midget and all the negative connotations that decades of anti-midget wrestling propaganda might have instilled in you.

Championships obtained

Mascarita Sagrada has obtained several world championships during his career, including titles, masks ("mascaras") and "cabelleras". This is his official record:

CMLL National Mini Championship (First Title holder ever)(MEXICO)

Masks obtained:

-Payasito Coco Negro
-Payasito Coco Rojo
-Payasito Coco Verde
-Payasito Coco Azul
-Tigrito Plateado
-Los Delincuentes

Cabelleras obtained:

-Piratita Morgan (3 times)
-Leoncito Sexi
-Nino de la Calle (3 times)
-Payasito Coco Negro

Uruapan Breaks video

On February 12, 2007, Yahoo Music released a music video for the song Uruapan Breaks from popular Mexican band Kinky, off their album Reina. The video features Mascarita Sagrada in a modern homage to the popular Mexican wrestler movies of the 1970s, now considered cult classics.


Mascarita Sagrada released his personal MySpace page in early 2007. He is currently a very active wrestler performing year-round across Mexico, the United States and other countries. He is constantly involved in charitable events, especially those focusing on children, such as visits to hospitals and orphanages. He is a devoted family man and huge admirer of Bruce Lee.

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