Masada (wrestler)

Masada (wrestler)

Masada (born Brigham Doane) is an American professional wrestler from Beaumont, Texas, known for appearances in Ring of Honor, Full Impact Pro, NWA Wildside, and his tours with Big Japan Pro Wrestling. He has also wrestled matches for WWE and TNA.


Masada was first trained by Steve Oubre at the IWA training center in Orange, Texas and later by Rudy Roy Gonzalez at the Texas Wrestling Academy. He began his ROH career as a member of The Carnage Crew with Loc, DeVito, and later Justin Credible. Together they would wrestle a number of tag matches. He also wrestled in six man mayhem matches and proved that despite his size, he could still move quickly and keep up with the smaller competitors. At At Our Best, Masada and the rest of The Carnage Crew (accompanied by Dusty Rhodes) won the second ever Scramble Cage in the main event against Special K, who The Carnage Crew had been feuding with. However, The Carnage Crew's celebration with Rhodes was cut short in the locker room as it was discovered that somebody had defecated in the bags of Loc and DeVito.

Two moths later, at Generation Next, it was revealed that Masada and his new parter Danny Daniels were responsible. That night, he and Daniels formed a team called The New and Improved Carnage Crew and defeated the original Carnage Crew. This new team left Loc and DeVito wondering why Masada turned on them, and also wondering what Daniels has against them. The Carnage Crew wanted revenge, but DeVito was injured and told Loc to wait for him to return until taking out his anger. During this time, Masada and Daniels looked impressive as a team, however, when DeVito returned the two teams would meet. At Reborn: Completion, The Carnage Crew defeated The New and Improved Carnage Crew for the rights to use the Carnage Crew name. This was Masada's last match in ROH.

Along with ROH, Masada wrestled for many other companies. He wrestled alongside Jared Steele and Delirious against 3 Live Kru in a dark match for TNA as well against Maven on WWE Heat. Masada also wrestled for IWA Mid-South, Full Impact Pro, and NWA Wildside, where he won the Tag Team titles with Todd Sexton.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves

*Masadamizer (Death Valley driver)
*Double leg slam
*Belly to back brainbuster

*The Optimist by Skinless
*You Can't Kill Integrity by Throwdown (BJW)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Extreme Texas Wrestling

*ETW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

*NWA Wildside Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Todd Sexton

  • River City Wrestling

*RCW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

  • XCW Wrestling

*XCW Battle Box 8 winner (2007)
*XCW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)


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