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Kmuch Co.,Ltd.

Kmuch Industry Feed Co., Ltd. (เคมัช อินดัสตรี จำกัด) is a Thai-Japanese organization which specializes in animal feed and operates from Kanchanaburi. The headquarters are located in Don Muang, Bangkok. It exports to various countries around the globe including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and South Africa.


Kmuch Inudstry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 and has ever since evolved rapidly. The name was changed recently to Kmuch Feed Industry Co., Ltd. It first established its successful business relations with the Japanese market in early 2000 and is now an important animal feed importer to Japan.

Main Products and Services

  • Bromela Enzyme, which has been proven to make the meat of the cow more tender and bigger is the companies main export product. This has been a major breakthrough and since then, many farm companies are thus now using the animal feed provided by Kmuch. The secret formula of this product lies much in the enzymes which are used when mixed with the pineapple skin.
  • HDM 101 Silage, is another product which is also targeted at cows. The product will enhance the stamina of the animals during heat intensive season. It helps the cows produce more milk with bromelain contents, making it rich in casein.
  • Xanthophylls, this product is aimed towards chicken, enhancing their skin and yolk color. The use of Marigold powder is added to the chicken fodder.
  • Kmuch BromelaEnzyme® is a product targeted at providing flowers and plants the strength they need to give a brilliant color from them. The use of this product has on average shown to greatly increase the vitality and strengthen the living organic system of plants, animals and as well of humans.
  • Kmuch Stench Trap® is used as a spray to cover up any bad smells. It will instantly neutralize any smell or reduce it to a minimum. It uses Bromela Enzyme which is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the pineapple plant.


Kmuch Industry Feed Co., Ltd. has several patents over its products and is accredited by [ISO_9001:2000]by the Certification International].

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