Marthe Cohn

Marte Cohn

Marthe Cohn (born 1920) is an author and Holocaust survivor. In 2002, she co-authored with Wendy Holden a book about her experiences as part of the French resistance movement, entitled Behind Enemy Lines:the True Story of a French Jewish Spy in Nazi Germany. The book details how Cohn, working as a nurse, traveled into German territory and collected intelligence information for the French.

Cohn was decorated with the Croix de Guerre in 1945 with two citations for her work as a member of the First French Army Intelligence Service. After 13 unsuccessful attempts to cross the front in Alsace, she crossed the border into Germany near Shaffhouse in Switzerland. From Germany she was able to report to her service two major information: that northwest of Freiburg, the Siegfried Line had been evacuated and where the remnant of the German Army laid in ambush in the Black Forest.

Behind Enemy Lines was published by Harmony Books, New York, N.Y. The book was translated in French by Helene Prouteau and published by Plon on January 13, 2005, the day she was officially awarded the title of Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur by Mr. Andre Bord, former Minister of the Veterans in the Government of President Pompidou. In 1999, the French government had awarded her the Medaille Militaire. In 2006, she was again honored by the French Government with the Medaille of the Reconnaissance de la Nation. Also in 2006, her book was published in paperback by Three Rivers Press, New York while in France, "Derriere les Lignes Ennemies Une Espionne Juive dans l'Allemagne Nazie" was published by Selection du Reader's Digest.

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