Marrying the Mafia 3

Marrying the Mafia III

Marrying the Mafia III (가문의 부활 - 가문의 영광 3 - Gamuneui buhwal - Kamuneui yeonggwan 3) is a 2006 South Korean film.


This gangster comedy chronicles the White Tiger Family of Jeolla Province. Hong Deok-ja, head of the crime family, quits the syndicate to open a kimchi business after her son marries a prosecutor. She is pulled back into the crime family when a member of the rival Axe Gang is released from prison and seeks revenge upon the White Tiger Family.


  • Shin Hyun-jun... Jang In-jae
  • Tak Jae-hoon... Jang Seok-jae
  • Kim Soo-mi... Hong Deok-ja
  • Kim Won-hee... Kim Jin-gyeong / Park Jin-sook
  • Kong Hyung-jin... Bong Myeong-pil
  • Shin Ee... Oh Soon-nam
  • Yim Hyung-jun... Jang Kyeong-jae
  • Jeong Joon-ha... Jong-myeon
  • Kim Yong-geon... Jang Jeong-jong
  • Kim Hae-gon... Yun Do-shik



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