Mark Logic

Mark Logic

Mark Logic is a software company located in San Carlos, California, USA. It is the creator of a new category of enterprise software known as an XML content server.

The company was founded in 2001 by Christopher Lindblad, chief architect of the Ultraseek search engine at Infoseek, and Paul Pedersen, a professor of computer science at Cornell and UCLA, to address the emergence of XML as the document markup standard and XQuery as the standard means for accessing collections of XML documents. To give customers the ability to effectively handle large volumes of XML content, Mark Logic was created around four key ideas:

  • Content - to build a system specifically designed to handle content (e.g., documents), not data.
  • XQuery - To build a complete implementation of the emerging W3C standard query language for accessing XML documents.
  • Speed - to build a system with search-engine-like performance, able to respond to queries in milliseconds.
  • Scale - to build a system capable of handling contentbases up to tens or hundreds of terabytes in size.

Mark Logic's product, called MarkLogic Server, is used by companies in the information industry including, Elsevier Science, Wolters Kluwer, Oxford University Press, University of Virginia Press, and New England Journal of Medicine. The company also has several US government customers, including the United States Army and a number of large government agencies.

Mark Logic is privately held and backed by Sequoia Capital and Lehman Brothers.

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