Marina Cunin

Marina Cunin

Marina Mia L. Cunin is an author of educational books for children of the Caribbean region and a social-anthropologist.

She was born in the United Kingdom and spent her teenage years in London and Trinidad and Tobago. After spending several years teaching at university in Japan, Cunin returned to United Kingdom to complete her doctorate and concentrate on her writing career. She is a co-founder of Fieldwork Publications.

Her research topics have included the work experiences of black and ethnic minority nurses in the NHS, Japanese students' perceptions of university (Student Views in Japan: Fieldwork Publications, 2004), experiences of international students in Japan and return migration to Trinidad and Tobago. Her children's books include The Caribbean Boy's Book of Body and Self and The Caribbean's Girl's Book of Body and Self - a Caribbean pre-teenager's guide to puberty issues.

Marina continues to write and teach on issues concerning youth, ethnicity and gender. However, in response to the current global conflicts, especially those in Iraq and Afghanistan, she has compiled a giftbook of quotations and poems (including some of her own) entitled "For a Member of the Military" in support of veterans and members of the British, Commonwealth of Nations and American Armed Forces.

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