Mariestad, town (1990 pop. 16,020), capital of Skaraborg co., S Sweden, on Lake Vänern. It is a commercial and industrial center. Manufactures include paper, textiles, and furniture. Chartered in 1583, Mariestad was rebuilt (1895) after a destructive fire.

Mariestad is a city (pop. 20,000 ; area 10 km²). in Västergötland, Sweden and the seat of Mariestad Municipality, Västra Götaland County. It was until 1997 the capital of the former Skaraborg County and an episcopal see between 1583 and 1646.

The city was founded in 1583 by Duke Charles, who later became King Charles IX of Sweden. The city is named after his wife Marie of Pfalz. The coat of arms for Mariestad, an ox stepping out of the water, is said to be what Marie of Pfalz saw by the bay of Tidan in Mariestad when she first arrived there.

Mariestad is one of two Swedish cities with a cathedral whitout a bishop's seat, the other being Kalmar. For political reasons, the diocese of Mariestad was presided over by a superintendent rather than a bishop from 1583 until 1646, when the superintendent was moved to Karlstad and the diocese of Mariestad was absorbed by that of Skara.

Notable natives

  • Torbern Bergman 1735 - 1784, chemist
  • Rudolf Kjellén 1864 - 1922 , political scientist
  • Carl Fridolf Carlsson 1870 - 1924 industrial man

During World War I Carlsson was the owner of Germany's largest ship industry, Schichau.

  • Charles Emil Löfwenskiöld 1810 - 1888, architect.
  • Axel Lindahl (1841-1906), pioneering photographer

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