Marie Speziale

Marie Speziale

Marie Speziale is the first female trumpet player to play in a major symphony orchestra. She started in the Cincinnati Symphony when she was just 19 years old. After serving in the orchestra in Cincinnati for well over 30 years she "retired". Currently she is professor of Music at Rice University's Shepherd School.

Selected publications

  • Speziale "Transcription of Dukas Fanfare from "La Peri". (2002).
  • Marie Speziale "Transcription of Handel's Concerto Grosso VI, opus 6." (1982).

Honors, awards and fellowships

  • First Prize - Trumpet Ensemble Division, National Trumpet Competition. (March, 2003).
  • Fellowships, New World Symphony. (Sept., 2000).
  • Orchestral Appointments, Chicago Civic Orchestra. (Sept.,2003).
  • Leading Woman in the Arts, Greater Cincinnati Coalition of Women's Organizations. (1997).

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