Marid Castle

Marid Castle

Qasr Marid (قصر مارد) is a castle in Dumat Al-Jandal - in the north of Saudi Arabia built before 272 AD. Its walls are 80 cm - 1 meter thick. The castle commanded the old city of Adumato. Excavations made by Khaleel Ibrahim al-Muaikel in 1986 added to observations made in 1976 that an homogeneus layer of Roman-Nabataean pottery sherds indicated a prosperous community during the time of the Nabataeans to whoms realm the region probably belonged.

Zenobia tried to capture the city of Adumato in the 3rd century. When she left the castle without capturing, it she said her famous saying "tamrd Mard", which means "Mard renounce allegiance to me".

In 1853 Talal Ibn Rashid from Hail damaged the castle with two cannons. In 1909 Nawwaf Ibn Sha'lan besieged it for ten months until he could wrest it from the Rashids.


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