Marianopolis College

Marianopolis College

Marianopolis College is a private subsidized college nestled against the side of Mount Royal in Westmount, Quebec, Canada. It is one of the few private English language colleges in the province of Quebec, and is also one of the smallest anglophone colleges, with a student body of less than 2,000. The College of General and Vocational Education is affiliated with the ACCC, and CCAA.


The college's current site is at 4873 Westmount Ave in Westmount, which is in between Vendome and Villa-Maria metro stations. The college was previously situated at 3880 Côte-des-Neiges.


The CEGEP offers pre-university progams, which take two years to complete and cover the subject matters which roughly correspond to the additional year of high school given elsewhere in Canada and introductory first-year university curriculum in preparation for a chosen field in university. Accordingly, graduates may, in certain circumstances, receive advance credit of up to one full year in some disciplines when enrolling in universities outside of the province of Quebec. While many other CEGEP's offer technical (skilled trade)programs, Marianopolis does not. In addition Continuing education and services to business are provided.

The programs are academically rigorous at Marianopolis, and admission is very competitive compared to most of Quebec's other colleges, especially the science programs, require an overall average of approximately 84% for the entrance. While the college primarily offers two-year pre-university programs leading to a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC), a few three-year double-DEC programs are also available. These programs allow students to combine music with science, Social Science or arts.


The school was founded in 1908 by the Congrégation des femmes vierges (Congregation of sisters) as the bilingual Notre Dame Ladies College, the first institution of higher learning for English-speaking Catholic women in Quebec. Initially, it offered degrees through Université Laval, the first being offered three years after the college's founding. The degree-granting agreement was later transferred to Université de Montréal. In 1926, the school was renamed Marguerite Bourgeoys College.

During the World War II era, the English sector of the college was reorganized to be in line with anglophone universities, including programs in general science and honours chemistry. It changed its name to Marianopolis College.

In 1967, several institutions were merged and became public ones, when the Quebec system of CEGEPs was created. Changes to the education system in Quebec caused Marianopolis to adopt a CEGEP-equivalent program in 1969. The college also began accepting male students during this time. The degree-granting program was eventually phased out in 1972.

Campus life and environment


The Marianopolis College mascot is the Blue Demon. The athletic department is less than stellar: it doesn't have any winning record and has not captured a single championship. This is most likely due to the fact that students are admitted purely based on academic ability. Recently, the college's athletic department has been questioned for since the college's obesity rate is among the highest in the province.

Academic life and success

Marianopolis features its own "Plan for Success", and indeed, over 90% of students are admitted to their first choice programs when applying to university. The typical course load is between 6 and 8 courses per semester. Each program has its required courses, but students are given some flexibility in choosing option courses, comprising technical electives and complementary courses outside their program. The workload is considered to be rigorous, but Marianopolis students will usually find themselves well-prepared for university.

Academic programs

Each Marianopolis student is required to complete a set of general courses in addition to those required by the program into which they have been admitted.

General education component

  • 4 English (introduction/literary genres/literary themes/course adapted to program)
  • 2 French
  • 3 humanities
  • 3 physical education
  • 2 complementary

Academic programs

Academic certificates

Additionally, there are various certificate programs, which interested students need to apply for once admitted to Marianopolis. These are considered honours programs and require additional co-curricular work such as a thesis or research project, and/or that certain classes be taken. The current certificate programs include:

  • Honours Commerce
  • Honours Social Science
  • Honours Science
  • International Studies
  • Law and Social Justice
  • Third World Studies

Dean's List

Marianopolis College publishes a Dean's List every semester to honor students with high grades in the semester. To be in the Dean's List, a Marianopolis student must have an overall average of 85, take a regular course load and not fail any courses.

Marianopolis Scholars

This Marianopolis Scholars is to congratulate graduates with an overall average of at least 90 during their stay at Marianopolis.

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