Mareşal (Romania)

Mareşal (Romania)

Mareşal (Marshal) is the highest rank in the Army of Romania, the Romanian Armed Forces. It is the equivalent of a Field Marshal in other countries.

The rank of Mareşal can only be bestowed to a General or Admiral (Amiral), in time of war for exceptional military merits , by the President of Romania and confirmed by the Supreme Council of National Defense.

Only three non-royal persons were bestowed the rank Mareşal to date: Alexandru Averescu, Constantin Prezan, and Ion Antonescu. The first two where Generals during World War I, and the former was General during World War II, and Ruler of Romania between the abdication of King Carol II (6 September 1940) and his arrest by King Michael I (23 August 1944). Of the Romanian kings, Ferdinand I, Carol I and Mihai I were Marshals of Romania. King Carol I was simultaneously Russian and German Field Marshal.


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