Malpighi, Marcello, 1628-94, Italian anatomist. A pioneer in the use of the microscope, he made many valuable observations on the structure of plants and animals. He completed Harvey's theory of circulation by his observation of the movement of blood through capillaries and recorded this, as well as his work on the structure of the lung, in De pulmonibus (1661). He is noted also for his studies of the structure of glands and of the brain, spleen, liver, and kidneys; of the anatomy of the silkworm; of the embryology of the chick; and of plant tissues. Several anatomical parts bear his name, including a layer in the human skin and the excretory tubules in insects. He was professor at the Univ. of Bologna (1666-91).
Mastroianni, Marcello, 1924-96, Italian movie actor, b. Fontana Liri, Italy. Known for his striking good looks and his world-weary introspective air, he was directed by Federico Fellini in such films as La Dolce Vita (1959), 81/2 (1963), and City of Women (1978). He solidified his reputation with a series of comedies costarring Sophia Loren, which include Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (1963) and Divorce Italian Style (1964). His many other films include La Notte (1961), The Stranger (1967), La Nuit de Varennes (1982), Dark Eyes (1987), and Prět à Porter (1994).
Caetano, Marcello, 1906-80, Portuguese lawyer and statesman. He received a doctorate in law (1931) from the Univ. of Lisbon, where he taught after 1932, serving as professor (1940-68) and as rector (1959-62). A close associate of António de Oliveira Salazar, he was instrumental in planning the dictator's corporate form of government, the Estado Novo, and from the 1930s held various positions in the regime. He served as minister for the colonies (1944-47) and deputy prime minister (1955-58). He became prime minister of Portugal in 1968 after Salazar had been incapacitated by a stroke. While adhering to the basic conservative policies of his predecessor, including retention of the Portuguese overseas colonies, suppression of dissent, and staunch anti-Communism, he initiated modest political and economic reforms. Caetano's government was overthrown by a military coup in Apr., 1974, and he was exiled to Madeira and later to Brazil.
Marcello is an Italian surname and given name, the Italian equivalent of Marcel.


The name originally means like a hammer. It is originally the adjectival form of marcus which means hammer; the -el suffix was in times of archaic Latin the adjectival form.

People with this given name

People with this surname

In music:

  • Alessandro Marcello, Italian nobleman and dilettante who dabbled in various areas, especially music
  • Benedetto Marcello, brother of Alessandro, Italian composer, writer, advocate, magistrate, and teacher
  • Kee Marcello, former guitarist in the Swedish hard rock band Europe
  • Mr. Marcello, rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Rob Marcello, the current guitarist of the band Danger Danger
  • Marcello, rapper from Houston, Texas who also goes by Marc Da King

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