Marathe is an Indian surname. It is typically from the western state of Maharashtra and is pronounced "Ma-Raa-They" with a hard T. It is a Hindu surname found among Chitpavan Konkanastha Brahmins. The origin of the Marathe clan supposedly was in the district of Raigad in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. The gotra is Kapi, and the Kuldevi (Clan Goddess) is Ambabai (Kolhapur District).

When someone says "My surname is Marathe" people generally take him to be a Maratha (popularly known as Maratha warrior). The title is often confused with Maratha, Marathi, or Mhatre.

Marathe is also a surname used by the Rathod/Rashtrakuta/Rothe clan of the Marathas.

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