Maokong is located in Wenshan District of Taipei. It used to be the biggest tea growing area of Taipei. There are many intertwining footpaths which have been used to transport tea. Now, it's a popular place for tea culture and viewing the night scenery of Taipei city.

The name comes from "jiâu-khang" (皺孔, also similar 皺坑) in Taiwanese, which means "crease aperture" and refers to pothole formations. During Japanese rule it was changed to the similar sounding Maokong (貓空, Taiwanese POJ: niau-khang) .


Maokong is a suburb of Taipei. It is on the edge of Taipei basin, so the scene of the whole Taipei can be seen from the mountain, especially on a cloudless day. Moreover, the view in the night of Taipei is magnificently brilliant. People love going to Maokong at night.

There are many pathways for hiking such as from the National Chengchi University at the foot of the hill to the top of the mountain. On the weekends many people go hiking and climbing there.

Maokong used to produce tea. The most special one is Tieguanyin. A lot of restaurants here offer both good tea and food. Combining traditional tea culture, food and the scenery are the main reasons why people want to go here.


The Maokong Gondola, a gondola lift system, started operations on 4 July 2007. It connects to the Muzha Line of the MRT system of Taipei at the Taipei Zoo. The gondola was designed to make visiting Maokong more convenient for local residents and tourists.

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