Manx Line

Manx Line

Manx Line was the name of the ferry company whom brought the RO-RO era to the Isle of Man between 1979-1984. It wasn't the first company called "Manx Line", with the Steam Packet Company haven seen off another company with the same name in the late 1800s.


The company operated one Spanish vessel Monte Castillo which was renamed Manx Viking. It emerged that motorcycle ace Geoff Duke was head of this new venture. Many people preferred this exciting new concept of travel to rival company the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's sideloaders and passenger only turbine steamers. The company had very good advertising and became popular very quickly, however, the Manx Viking broke down quite frequently in the first year of operations.

Manx Line offered a service from Douglas to the Lancashire port of Heysham. The first easterly gale to blow in the year of 1978 destroyed the Manx Line linkspan in Douglas Harbour, and caused £1 million of damage to the Victoria Pier. It took 5 years to settle the matter, but by that time, Sealink had taken over the Manx Line operation, and continued to operate the Manx Viking on the same route, offering strong competition to the Steam Packet Company, who purchased a linkspan in 1980, and took out a charter on the P&O vessel NF Jaguar (later Peveril) in rivalry to the Manx Viking.

The Manx Viking continued to operate on the Manx shipping scene until 1986 when she was replaced by Peveril. She was sold to a Norwegian company as the Manx, later Skudenes. She was sold on again to a Canadian company as the Nindawayma.


Manx Line operated only one vessel in their 5-year history. Various other vessels covered the Manx Viking during the five-year period.

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