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Star Kingdom of Manticore

The Star Kingdom of Manticore (SKM), frequently referred to as Manticore or the Star Kingdom was a fictional star-nation in the "Honorverse"; the background setting for a series of novels and short stories written by David Weber and other writers and published by Baen Books.


The Star Kingdom was founded in the Manticorian system, which consisted of a binary star, three settled planets, and the Manticorian Wormhole Junction. This unique combination of large amounts of habitable planetary real estate and instantaneous travel via the Junction had made the Star Kingdom an economic and diplomatic power house. Indeed, Manticore compared very favorably to most Solarian League systems which have generally been settled longer, and contained higher populations and larger infrastructures, than the Star Kingdom. These factors, and those required to properly exploit them, had resulted in an extensive Manticorian merchant marine and well funded research programs. Manticore had also birthed a very effective navy with a strong tradition of excellence and institutional history.

A popular nickname for a native of the Star Kingdom was "Manty" (plural "Manties").


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Manticore had begun as a slow boat (sublight ship, also known as an interstellar ark) colony sent from Earth. It was particularly well planned, however, eg. Manticore Colony Trust was established as well as protection of the colony from claim jumpers. During the 640 years that it took the colony ship Jason to travel to Manticore, developments in gravity technology had made hyper travel safe. Therefore, the arriving colonists found themselves greeted by employees already building infrastructure on Manticore, the most temperate of the three habitable planets orbiting the two stars in the system. Not long thereafter, there was a plague (probably locally derived) which killed more than half of the population, setting the colony back substantially.

It was in reaction to that circumstance that the aristocratically dominated monarchical polity was begun (the Star Kingdom of Manticore). New colonists invited to make up for the losses of the plague were not intended to be part of the power structure. These colonists were divided into two sets, those who could pay for some or all of their passage (Yeomen) and those couldn't (Zero-Balancers). This aristocratic dominance scheme went awry when Elizabeth I, the second monarch, proved to be better at political maneuvering than the nobility. After her, the SKM had an effective monarchy, not merely a constitutional figurehead.

State organization


A convention of colony shareholders (the Framers) converted the Corporation's elective board into a constitutional monarchy and crowned Roger Winton King Roger of Manticore on August 1, 1471 P.D. (a primary constitution chartered then).

The Manticoran constitutional law consisted of written constitution and some unwritten tradition, eg. concerning the Crown powers strengthened by Queen Elisabeth I (1474–1507 P.D.) or some Prime Minister issues.

  1. The constitution contained a strong "Declaration of Fundamental Rights" according to which all Manticoran subjects were equal in the eyes of the law, but the franchise to vote was limited to citizens who had paid taxes for at least five consecutive years.
  2. The Manticoran monarchy was hereditary, but the heir to the throne (Crown Prince or Crown Princess) was required by law to marry a commoner (Roger I and Elizabeth I Amendment)
  3. Constitutional prerogatives of the Crown were as follows:

* unwritten - the right to appoint ministers with the advice and consent of the House of Lords; the monarch had the power to dismiss them at any time, and he or she could not be forced to accept anyone else's choice for any of those positions (questionable - HH10),
* the right to create peers with the consent of a majority of the House of Commons.
* the right to appoint judges with the advice and consent of the House of Lords,
* the rights of both initiation and veto before the Parliament,
* the right to initiate economic policy and propose budgets (executed by the Cabinet),
* the right to use discretionary funds,
* the power to pardon and commute,
* the power to interpret constitutional law through its appointees to the monarch's Bench, unless overruled by a majority in both houses of Parliament.
4. Institutions of government and its prerogatives were as follows:
* the two-house Parliament, which consists of a House of Lords and a House of Commons with mutual veto power.
** a monarch has the rights of both initiation and veto before the Parliament,
** a monarch appoints ministers and judges with the advice and consent of the House of Lords,
** in cases of disagreement between the Crown and both houses of Parliament, the Lords were entitled to serve as the supreme judiciary without right of veto by Crown or Commons,
** the Commons' possessed the power to approve or disapprove budgets,
** the Commons' possessed the power to consent peers created by the monarch by a majority of the House,
** a monarch might be impeached for any reason by a two-thirds majority vote of the House of Commons; impeachment proceedings may not begin in the House of Lords, and a three-quarters vote of both Houses is required to actually remove a monarch,
** both Houses acting by a majority were able to overrule a monarch's power to interpret constitutional law through its appointees to the King's (or Queen's) Bench,
* the Royal Council (the Cabinet),
** consisted of the Prime Minister, his subordinate executive ministers, and certain hereditary members, such as the Keeper of the Seal, the heir to the throne (as a nonvoting member), and the monarch,
** the Prime Minister managed the Cabinet, should be from the House of Lord and had to be able to command a majority in the House of Lords (HH9),
** unwritten - a monarch power to appoint ministers should be exercised with the advice and consent of the House of Lords,
** unwritten - the Royal Council executed a monarch's right to initiate economic policy and propose budgets.
* the Crown Judiciary - a monarch had right to appoint judges with the advice and consent of the House of Lords.

Constitution of Star Kingdom of Manticore was amended at least nine times. The Ninth Amendment concerned with treecats rights (HHA2).

Main source: David Weber's World of Honor Harrington (HHA1).

List of Manticoran state agencies

  • executive departments (ministers support), eg.: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry for Medusan Affairs, Ministry of War,
  • executive agencies, eg.: Admiralty, Astro-Control Service, Astro Control's Survey Command, police, Royal Manticoran Astrography Investigation Agency, Sphinx Forestry Service, Native Protection Agency.


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Home system

Its home system was a unique binary star system Manticore with three habitable planets. Inhabited bodies there were:

  1. Manticore A 3: Manticore - 1.5 bln inhabitants in 1900 P.D.,
  2. Manticore A 4: Sphinx - 1.048 bln inhabitants in 1900 P.D.,
  3. Manticore B 4: Gryphon - 575 mln inhabitants in 1900 P.D.,
  4. Manticore B Unicorn Belt asteroids - 298.5 mln inhabitants in 1900 P.D.

Total number of inhabitants in 1900 P.D.: 3.422 bln.

Manticore Wormhole Junction termini

As the rule Star Kingdom of Manticore held sovereignty to the Manticore Wormhole Junction termini. The only exception was Sigma Draconis Terminus, where Manticore shared sovereignty over the terminus with planetary state of Beowulf in the Sigma Draconis System. Joined areas connected with Manticore Wormhole Junction termini included, in chronological order:

  1. Gregor A, a secondary component of the Gregor Binary System, was a F9 star with no habitable planets; "north-western" terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction was present 700 light minutes from there; Gregor A was joined on the basis of treaty with the Gregor Republic; the Anderman Empire recognized preexisting treaty when it acquired Gregor System in c1869 P.D. by Gregor Republic annexation, including the title to the terminus itself, along with the legally recognized right to fortify the area around it and to maintain a fleet base orbiting secondary system component, but the Anderman Empire held sovereignty over the rest of the Gregor System (mainly Gregor B area as a primary component there); RMN established Gregor Defense Command in charge with navy picket and forts present there (HH6, HH10, see also Star Kingdom of Manticore#Trouble with Gregor System);
  2. the Basilisk System - sixth, "northern" terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction was discovered in c1856 PD at the 700 light minutes distance form the Basilisk System; it was the sole Manticorian star system outside the Home System until the Trevor Star System annexation in 1915 P.D.; the Basilisk System was joined on the basis of Act of Annexation of 1856; limited RMN Basilisk Station was established there - until 1901 P.D. a small picket only (HH1); see also Manticoran Protectorates;
  3. the Trevor Star System - "north-eastern" terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction was present near there; c.a. 2.5 bln inhabitants in 1915 P.D. (WS1);the Trevor Star System was joined on the basis of San Martin Republic request of 1915 P.D. (HH9); details of earlier agreements with San Martin Republic and People's Republic of Haven - after San Martin Republic annexation - are not certain, however according to: (1) Jane's 1905 - San Martin Republic tried to tax ships using the junction before SKM gave it some participation in fees, (2) HH2 - it was possible for SKM to deny access to junction for Havenite ships in 1905 P.D., (3) HH10 - the terminus area was covered with Havenite forts during first battle of the Trevor Star System;
  4. star systems connected with the Lynx Terminus at Talbott Cluster (the seventh discovered one):* the Lynx Terminus System - the closest to the terminus (270 light minutes), but uninhabited system with a M8 dwarf (HH10),* the Lynx System - the closest inhabited system to the Lynx Terminus (4 light years), joined on the basis of Lynx System request, 2.5 bln inhabitants in c1918 P.D. (HH10).

Other out of the Home System termini facilities at the Sigma Draconis and the Hennessy Systems and at Matapan Cluster included:* at Beowulf Terminus area - an unarmed Astro Control platform only with a relatively low number of light patrol craft and no picket - responsible for the terminus' security was the Sigma Draconis/Beowulf Self-Defense Force; on the basis of established agreement Beowulf received a percentage of the use fees and all Beowulf-registry freighters paid the same transit fees through all termini of the junction as Manticoran-registry ships ("southern" terminus located near the Sigma Draconis System at Solarian League) (SI1),* at Hennessy Terminus area - forts and a cruiser-level/destroyer-level picket ("south-eastern" terminus located near the Hennessy System at the Republic of Phoenix) (WS1),* at Matapan Terminus area - a handful of fairly light forts and a picket of second or third-line cruisers and destroyers; contrary to Lynx Terminus case there is no information about annexed systems at Matapan Cluster ("western" terminus).

Other joined territories

  • the Hancock System - in c1904 P.D. RMN Hancock Station with naval yard was established for protection of allied Zanzibaran Caliphate, Duchy of Alizon and Yorick; due to fact, that its star was a red dwarf the Hancock System was unfit for colonisation (HH3),
  • the Elric System - RMN Elric Station was established there for protection of the approaches to the Grendelsbane System; lost in 1915 P.D.; one almost inhabitable planet was present there (HH9),
  • Silesian Confederacy - in 1920 P.D. due to international security issues it was partitioned by the Andermani Empire and the SKM with assent of silesian government; territorial details of partition are not certain; RMN Silesia Station was established there and its CO was in charge with remaining Confederacy Navy staff and units (before 1909 P.D. Andermani Empire had acquired from Silesian government a hundred-year lease on the Sachsen System planet's third moon as the HQ of Imperial Andermani Navy Sachsen Station; it seems in 1919 P.D. IAN military controlled the Sachsen System; after partition Sachsen Station CO probably technically became in charge at least with detachment of the former Silesian Confederacy Navy home-ported in the Sachsen System) (HH11).


  • His/Her Majesty's Medusan Protectorate - planet of Medusa in the Basilisk System - protectorate over the only habitable planet in the system, inhabited by native sentient Stilties; establishing of protectorate was connected with annexation of the Basilisk Terminus area; protectorate without Manticoran sovereignty was established on the basis of Act of Annexation of 1856 as well as Resident Commissioner for Planetary Affairs on the planet Medusa in the name of Manticoran monarch, in charge with Native Protection Agency; Act of Annexation significantly amended in 1901 P.D. by Manticoran sovereignty establishing after failed natives uprising in 1900 P.D. (HH1);
  • the Endicott System - protectorate over state of the Faithful of the Church of Humanity Unchained located on the planet of Masada; protectorate and military occupation established after Faithful's failed invasion against Protectorate of Grayson in 1903 P.D.; Masada was inhabited by c.a. 6.75 bln people in 1903 P.D., the Endicott System contained asteroid belt belonged to state of the Faithful also (HH2, HH5, HH9).

Abroad naval bases

Abroad RMN Stations established on the allied states territories:

  • RMN Grendelsbane Station at the Grendelsbane System, established before 1905 P.D. with finally 50 thousands of Manticoran personnel; orbital forts and large shipyards were destroyed in 1919 P.D. (HH3, HH10),
  • RMN Reevesport Station at the Reevesport System, established before 1905 P.D. (HH3),
  • RMN Sidemore Station in the Sidemore Republic (at the Sidemore System) established in 1911 P.D. (HH10),
  • RMN Talbot Station at the Talbot System, established before 1905 P.D. (HH3).

There were also some significant naval bases established abroad, but not classyfied as RMN Stations, like:

  • RMN base in the Clearaway System, established before 1905 P.D. (Jane's 1905),
  • RMN base in Protectorate of Grayson at the Yeltsin System, established in 1903 P.D. (HH2, HH3),
  • RMN base in the Klein Station System, established before 1905 P.D. (HH3),
  • RMN base in the Minette System, established before 1905 P.D. (HH3).

Temporary governed territories list

  • During first six months of the war (March - October 1905 P.D.) SKM conquered 19 Havenite systems including two naval bases (Seaford Nine). During first year of war SKM conquered 24 Havenite systems. Between July and September 1907 P.D. SKM conquered 2 Havenite systems. Together it was no less then 26 systems (HH5).
  • In 1908 P.D. Manticoran Army was responsible for garrisoning no less than 18 Havenite worlds; some other worlds could be garrisoned by Royal Manticoran Marine Corps also (HH6).
  • In 1915 P.D. the Manticoran Alliance controlled a total of 27 star systems (HH10), which were according to the letter of the law claimed by the Republic of Haven (the Trevor Star System not claimed):
    • 6 of them were effectively uninhabited and most of them had boasted naval bases, but possessed no habitable planets (Samson and Owens probably),
    • 3 of them had been sufficiently recent acquisitions of the People's Republic and had expressed their firm intention to seek annexation on the pattern of Trevor's Star,
    • most of remaining 18 systems had been member systems of the PRH long enough to think of themselves as Havenite territory, however Tahlman, Runciman and Franconia had no desire to return to Havenite control.

In 1919 P.D. during Havenite operation "Thunderbolt" SKM lost every single system taken away from the People's Republic of Haven — with the sole exception of Trevor's Star — since the war started.

During war against People's Republic of Haven the Manticoran Alliance controlled:

  1. the Adler System, conquered and temporary lost c1911 P.D. (HH7),
  2. the Barnet System, with People's Navy base, conquered in 1915 P.D. (HH9),
  3. the Cascabell System (HH9),
  4. the Chelsea System, conquered in 1905 P.D. (HH3, HH4),
  5. the Clairmont System, RMN Clairmont Station was established there (HH7),
  6. the Franconia System, conquered probably in 1915 P.D. (HH10),
  7. the Hyacinth System, lost in 1915 P.D. (SI1),
  8. the Lowell System, conquered in 1905 P.D. (HH9),
  9. the Maastricht System (HH10),
  10. the Madras System (HH7),
  11. the Mendoza System, conquered in 1905 P.D. (HH3, HH4),
  12. the Micah System (HH7),
  13. the Nightingale System (HH5, HH9),
  14. the Owens System, with People's Navy base, conquered in 1915 P.D. (HH10),
  15. the Runciman System, conquered probably in 1915 P.D. (HH10),
  16. the Samson System, with People's Navy base (HH10),
  17. the Seaford Nine System, conquered in 1905 P.D., with destruction of Her Majesty's Sensor Station, Seaford Nine in 1913 P.D., system with no habitable planets lost its military value (HH3, HH8),
  18. the Seabring System, conquered in 1911 P.D., lost in 1913 P.D. (HH8),
  19. the Solway System, lost in 1915 P.D. (HH5, HH9),
  20. the Sun-Yat System, conquered in 1905 P.D. (HH5),
  21. the Tahlman System, conquered probably in 1915 P.D. (HH10),
  22. the Tequilla System, conquered in 1915 P.D., Her Majesty's Space Stations T-001 and T-002 established (HH9, HH10),
  23. the Thetis System, conquered in 1905 P.D. (HH9, HH10),
  24. the Treadway System, lost in 1915 P.D. (HH5, HH7, HH9),
  25. the Trevor Star System, conquered in 1911 P.D., joined to the SKM on the basis of San Martin Republic request of 1915 P.D. (HH9)
  26. the Welladay System (HH9).

In 1912-1913 P.D. People's Repubublic of Haven temporary lost its control over the Cerberus System also.

Annexation requests

  • Until 1919 P.D. 3 Havenite star systems controlled by the Manticoran Alliance expressed their firm intention to seek annexation on the pattern of Trevor's Star; in 1919 P.D. those star systems were reconquered by Republic of Haven (HH10).
  • In 1919 P.D. seventeen planetary states located in Talbott Cluster area petitioned to join SKM also (Celebrant, Dresden, Mainwaring, Marian, Montana, New Tuscany, Nuncio, Pequod, Prairie, Rembrandt, Redoubt, San Miguel, Scarlet, Spindle, Split, Talbott, Tilderman - total estimated population c.a. 26 bln inhabitants). Provisional Governor of the Talbott Cluster for the Star Kingdom of Manticore was appointed and RMN Talbott Station established (covering Lynx Terminus also) (HH10, SI1).

Foreign affairs

Foreign affairs priorities:

  • security of Manticore Wormhole Junction termini,
  • security of Manticoran merchantry (implying antipiracy actions),
  • exercising international antislavery law (Cherwell Convention).

The Manticoran Alliance

Initially in 1903 P.D. Star Kingdom of Manticore established bilateral treaty with Protectorate of Grayson. Its some provisions were probably a basis for creation of multilateral alliance with some other lesser states (Manticoran Alliance Charter established probably then).

Finally SKM during the war against People's Republic of Haven (and Republic of Haven) was allied with:

  • Protectorate of Grayson - from 1903 P.D. (treaty signed by Captain Honor Harrington on Manticoran side) (HH2),
  • Caliphate of Zanzibar - from 1904 P.D. (HH3),
  • Duchy of Alizon - from 1904 P.D. (the man who talked Alizon into signing up with the Alliance was Commodore Mark Sarnow) (HH3),
  • Yorick - from 1904 P.D. (HH3),
  • Republic of Erewhon - between 1905 P.D. and 1919 P.D. (HH10),
  • Andermani Empire - from 1920 P.D. (HH10),
  • other minor planetary states present between SKM and People's Republic of Haven borders - like Candor, Grendelsbane, Minette and Poicters (as well as Clearaway, Dorcas, Klein Station, Minorca, Quentin, Reevesport, Talbot, Talisman and Zuckerman - according to HH2 map),

The Sidemore Republic, allied with SKM on the basis of bilateral defensive treaty of 1911 P.D., probably was a member of the Manticoran Alliance also.

Because of the policies of Baron High Ridge's government, Erewhon has left the Alliance and signed a mutual defence treaty with the Republic of Haven. With the end of the resumption of active warfare between the Alliance, Erewhon no longer participated in the war, as it was not obliged to join with RoH if it resumes hostilities. However, it made available a good portion of the technological advances achieved by the Alliance during the War.


SKM was in conflict with:

  • Masada - in 1903 P.D.,
  • People's Republic of Haven - from 1905 P.D. (truce between 1915 P.D. and 1919 P.D., end of truce with Havenite Operation Thunderbolt).
  • Republic of Monica - in 1921 P.D.; legitimated Manticoran invasion without a declaration of war; as a result a permanent nonaggression pact signed and surrendered to Manticore the two surviving solarian origin battlecruisers and all documentary evidence of the involvement of Manpower, Technodyne Industries, and the Jessyk Combine in its projected seizure of the Lynx Terminus (because of antislavery Cherwell Convention provisions execution SKM had bad relations with Mesa, dominated by Manpower Inc, the genetic slavery combine).

Other relations

  • Agreements concerning Manticore Wormhole Junction termini (see previous sections).
  • During the war between SKM and People's Republic of Haven/Republic of Haven Solarian League was neutral, SKM forced Solarian League to establish embargo against both sides of conflict.
  • Significant RMN presence at the Silesian Confederacy space due to protect Manticoran merchant ships there. Before 1919 P.D. Star Kingdom protected state's territorial integrity of Silesian Confederacy against Andermani Empire political priorities. In 1920 P.D. SKM decided along with the newly allied Andermani Empire to divide up the Confederacy.
  • In c1841 P.D. New Hamburg System had been forced by Royal Manticoran Navy to sign a treaty outlawing participation by its citizens and starships in the interstellar genetic slave trade, but the institution itself remained quite legal within its territory.
  • Agreements with Matapan Cluster area states concerning security of the area.

Star Empire of Manticore

In the words of Honor Harrington, the Star Kingdom of Manticore became arguably the Star Empire of Manticore. This title seems very accurate, as projecting fifty years forward; the recently added Trevor's Star, Silesian, and Talbot Cluster holdings should be fully up to Manticoran infrastructure standards in all appreciable aspects. The amount of resources, both fiscal and via manpower, the Star Kingdom could bring to bear at that point would be significantly beyond the already considerable amounts that could be focused from the Manticorian system itself, quite possibly on a par with the Solarian League itself.


Though originally settled as a single system star-nation, the Star Kingdom enjoyed several advantages most star-nations do not enjoy. Specifically, the Manticore system contained three habitable planets (Manticore, Sphinx, Gryphon). Most star-nations limited to a single star system had considerably less habitable real estate. This granted obvious advantages in terms of what the Star Kingdom was able accomplish even before orbital infrastructure and its impacts on system GNP and population capacity were considered.

Additionally, the Manticore system also contained the Manticore Wormhole Junction. Discovered approximately 100 years after the Star Kingdom was founded, it was the largest wormhole junction ever discovered. Initially, there were only five destinations reachable via the Junction, within the last 40 years before 1919 P.D. two more were located.

In large part due to tolls and usage fees charged to ships making transit via the Junction, the Star Kingdom enjoyed the largest single-system GNP outside the Solarian League itself. It was only this enormous economic advantage which had enabled Manticore to maintain its highly productive research and development programs, and to fuel the budget of the Royal Manticorian Navy. This same economic advantage also lent itself to diplomatic and foreign relations leverage, as threat of closure of the Junction to a star-nation's shipping would often resulted in that barred nation falling significantly behind its competitors for the bottom-line business of moving interstellar cargo. Finally, there were obvious military advantages in moving fleets strategically via the Junction as well as vulnerabilities from hostile forces using the Junction to move attacking forces into the Manticore system.

The third pillar of Manticoran economic power was a large merchant fleet, fourth in the known universe (only three Solarian League planets had larger merchant fleets).


See also: Royal Manticoran Navy, Royal Manticoran Marine Corps

The primary branch of the Star Kingdom's military was the Royal Manticoran Navy. Saganami Island was its naval academy. The RMN was the senior service in terms of sheer budget and necessity; control of systems and planetary orbitals all but precludes other military action in many circumstances. With a five hundred year tradition of service, the RMN had amassed considerable institutional experience and knowledge, and had evolved from its beginnings as a system defense force, pasted its lengthy formative years focusing primarily on commerce protection for the Manticoran merchant marine, and was regarded as one of the premier navies in the galaxy.

Backed by the significant resources Manticore commands, the RMN was further powered by strongly pursued and implemented research and development programs. Particularly since the start of the war with Haven, the RMN had seen its capabilities grow explosively compared to what had been the technological cutting edge prior to the onset of hostilities.

In terms of combat capability, there was literally no contest between the pre-war RMN and the in-war RMN. A RMN pre-war superdreadnought was able to engage with a missile broadside of a few dozen tubes at a from-rest range of six million kilometers. A in-war RMN superdreadnought was able to engage with a missile pod attack containing as many missiles as it had fire control channels for (upwards of several hundreds) from a range of one hundred and fifty million km.

Other branches of the Manticoran military were the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps and the Royal Manticoran Army. These were professional ground forces which acted in concert with the RMN in actions to secure enemy worlds, space stations, and ships. The Marines were charged with maintaining security, providing reaction forces onboard RMN ships and with spearheading planetary assaults, whereas the Army was tasked with defending the surface of the Star Kingdom's worlds, reinforcing initial attacks by the Navy and Marines and providing garrison troops for occupied planets.

Political parties and its policies

Manticore's six major political parties were:

  • The Centrist Party, which favored a tough anti-Havenite foreign policy, a conservative domestic policy of fiscal restraint, and a policy of moderation on most other issues. The Centrists had been behind Manticore's naval expansion and had been the driving force behind the foundation of the Manticorian Alliance.
  • The Crown Loyalists, whose main concern, and litmus test for any measure, was the preservation of the Crown's power. They were strongest on Gryphon due to the historical conflict between landowners and the majority population there. The Crown Loyalists usually formed coalitions with the Centrists.
  • The Liberal Party, which sought to implement some welfare state measures and fundamentally distrusted reliance on military action. Their paramount tenet in foreign policy was that ¨violence never solves anything¨.
  • The Conservative Association, a reactionary political faction which actively resisted any measure that might threaten the privileges of the aristocracy generally and the House of Lords in particular. Their foreign policy was isolationist (as expansion threatens to dilute their influence). The Conservative Association was unique among the major parties in that it commanded virtually no public support, and was notable solely because of its member Lords.
  • The Progressive Party, which opposed deficit spending like the Centrists, but wished to reduce military spending and had little interest in foreign policy. The Progressives also believed that there was little hope of surviving a war against Haven, and Haven should therefore be placated.
  • The "New Men" Party, a faction which opposed the concentration of power in the hands of the aristocracy and "the powers that be". They were a wild card in Manticorian politics, sided with whichever faction they believed will favor their interests in Parliament.

Policy making in the Star Kingdom was strongly affected by policy conflicts amongst the positions of the major parties, eg.:

  • annexation of planet Madusa in Basilisk System, the nearest one to sixth discovered terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction (it could not be made a part of the Star Kingdom, as that was opposed by the Liberal Party and the Conservative Association - instead a protectorate was proclaimed over the planet which was barely acceptable to a Parliamentary majority),
  • declaration of war against the People's Republic of Haven after their attack on the RM Navy and its base at Hancock in 1905 P.D. (the Conservative Association refused to vote for the declaration in part because of the pending court-martial of Captain Pavel Young, the eldest son of the Association's effective leader; the Liberal Party was opposed to the declaration after the attack on the grounds that violence never settled anything, and was, in any case, almost always illegitimate).


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