Manthani is a village and mandal headquarters in Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

It is located approximately 70 kilometers southwest from Karimnagar. It is situated on the banks of the river Godavari. It is a very ancient center of Vedic learning, and even today houses many scholars well versed in Vedas and Sastras.

Name "Manthani" is transformation of "Matra Kutam" or the House of Vedas and it houses thousand Brahmin families or "Sahasra Brahmana Gadapa" .Manthani is also revered as Mantrapuri by local scholars.


Bus Services:

Manthani is located Approximately 70 km from the district Head quarter Karimnagar and 240 km from Hyderabad, State capital of Andhra Pradesh. Direct bus services of A.P.S.R.T.C are available from Hyderabad,Karimnagar, Warangal, Godavarikhani, Mancherial,Kaleswaram, Jagtial,Korutla, Nizamabad.Manthani has APSRTC Depot also. Bus services to Guntur, Vijayawada runs via Manthani which are organized by Godavarikhani Depot. Recently, Manthani Depot started a direct bus service to Nagpur via, Godavarikhani, Mancherial, Asifabad and Chandrapur of Maharashtra.

Train Services

Manthani has no train services till date. Late Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Mr.Sreepada Rao Duddella, MLA -AP-Manthani , made efforts to extend the proposed Pedappalli(IR Code:PDPL)-Nizamabad Railway line to Manthani but after his assassination, Nobody is highlighting this issue.

The Nearest Railway head is Peddapalli or Pedapalli(IR Code:PDPL). The following trains stop at Pedapally(PDPL).

Ramagundam(IR Code-RDM), the second option to access Manthani, is about 40 km from Ramagundam Station. One has to come down to Godavarikhani for direct bus services.

Air Services

The nearest air port is Hyderabad which is about 250 km.

Temples-Popular sites and People

Among several temples situated here, the most important are those of Lord Saileshwara, Laxminarayana Swamy, Omkeshwara Swamy & Mahalaxmi. It is also a main centre for Jainism & Buddhism.

Famous Personalities From Manthani

P V Narasimha Rao (Former Prime Minister of India and Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh)
Duddella Sripada Rao (Former Speaker, Legislative Assembly, Andhra Pradesh)
Duddella Sridhar Babu (Government Whip,Government of AP Andhra Pradesh)

Spiritual Gurus and Vedic scholars:

Sri Vojjala Siddhanthi aka Sri Vojjala Radha Krishna Paramahamsa & Smt. Seetamma aka Siddhanti Seetamma

Sri Moteram gari Shastrulu

Sri Dulam Siddhanti

Sri Avadhanula Narahari Somayajulu (late)

Sri Radharapu Senam Shastrulu

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Bramha Sri Avadhanula Narahari Somayajulu Garu was a renound and one of the famous Guru in vedic society of india. At the age of 6 months he lost both the parents, yet his aunt " Athayi" became his mother and nurshed him. Being from most orthodox "Avadhanula" familiy, Veda was existing in his every kanam. Being Studied extensively vedas by the age of 14 would practice "Agnihotram" daily and "Isti" every fortnight. Got married with Radhamma hailing from "Rampalli" Family. Then He concored most rarest Yagna "SOMAYAGAM". With this he became SOMAYAJULU and his dharma patni Radhamma became SOMIDEVI which would be a highest award for a vedic bramhin. Later on he handled many facets of duties which would eventually helped to preserve Bharatha Sanskruthi and Manthani Sanathana Dharmam. He left the earthly world on 31January 2001. Thousands of his deciples are now spread all over Andhra pradesh, more specifically in uttara telangana. They still remember the Ideology and Vision Set by the GURUJI and moving forward carrying the legacy with them.


More about GURUJI will be updated very soon



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