Mann, Heinrich

Mann, Heinrich

Mann, Heinrich, 1871-1950, German novelist; older brother of Thomas Mann. He was a prolific author; themes of social criticism dominate his works. The Poor (1917, tr. 1917) and The Chief (1925, tr. 1925) deal with regeneration through democracy. The famous Professor Unrat (1905; tr. The Blue Angel, 1932, Small Town Tyrant, 1944) tells of the degeneration of a professor through his love for a corrupt woman and of his attempt, in turn, to corrupt others. Die Göttinnen (3 vol., 1902-4; tr. The Goddess, 1918, Diana, 1929) explores sensuality and perversity. The theme of the artist as decadent is found in the novellas of Flöten und Dolche (2 vol., 1904-5).
The Heinrich Mann Prize (Heinrich-Mann-Preis) is a literary award given annually by the Berlin Academy of Art (formerly the Academy of Art of Communist East Germany). The prize given for works with socially critical aspects in a character that would honor Heinrich Mann. The award is endowed with 8,000 Euros.


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