Manhole (album)

Manhole (album)

Manhole is Grace Slick's first solo album credited solely to her (she had previously recorded Sunfighter with Paul Kantner and Baron von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun with Kantner and David Freiberg, both of whom co-produced Manhole). The album was recorded in 1973, when Jefferson Airplane had stopped touring, and Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady were making the Hot Tuna album, The Phosphorescent Rat. All the members who would form Jefferson Starship in 1974 performed on this album, except for Papa John Creach. The album was conceived as a soundtrack to a movie, (noted by the title of the second track, "Theme from the Movie Manhole"), although there was no such movie made. Grace drew all of the artwork for the album, and wrote on the cover "Child Type Odd Art by Grace." The album only reached #127 on the Billboard charts.

Track listing

Right Side Up

  1. "Jay" (Grace Slick) - 2:43
  2. "Theme from the Movie Manhole" (Grace Slick) - 15:23

Upside Down

  1. "Come Again, Toucan?" (David Freiberg / Grace Slick) - 4:40
  2. "It's Only Music" (David Freiberg / Robert Hunter) - 4:32
  3. "Better Lying Down" (Grace Slick / Pete Sears) - 3:15
  4. "Epic No. 38" (Paul Kantner / Grace Slick / Jack Traylor) - 7:23



Theme from the Movie Manhole

  • Steven Schuster - Orchestra Arrangement
  • Grace Slick - Piano / Vocals
  • David Freiberg - Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
  • Paul Kantner - Vocals
  • David Crosby - Vocals
  • Peter Kaukonen - Mandolin
  • Ron Carter - Bass
  • Jack Casady - Bass
  • Craig Chaquico - Lead Guitar
  • John Barbata - Drums
  • London Symphony Orchestra - Strings / Woodwinds / Percussion
  • Violins by John Georgiadis, Hans Geiger, Alan Traverse, Carlos Villa, Paul Scherman, Michael Jones, Jack Greenstone, John Ronayne, James Davis, Bernard Monshin, Fred Parrington, Denis McConnell
  • Violas by Kenneth Essex, John Coulling, John underwood, Alex Taylor
  • Celli by Alan Dalziel, Bram Martin, Clive Anstee, Robin Firman
  • String Bass by James Merrett, Keith Marjarom, Robin McGee, Chris Laurence
  • Harp by David Snell
  • Flutes by Jack Ellory, Chris Taylor
  • Oboes by Terence Macdonagh, Philip Hill
  • Bass Clarinet by Frank Reidy
  • French Horns by Andrew McGavin, Douglas Moore
  • Trumpets by Michael Laird, George Whiting
  • Bass Trumpets by Raymond Premru, Harold Nash
  • Bass Trombone by Peter Harvey
  • Guitar by Timothy Walker
  • Percussion by Alan Hakin, Terence Emery, Eric Allen, Stan Barrett

Come Again, Toucan?

It's Only Music

Better Lying Down

Epic No. 38


  • Produced by Grace Slick, David Freiberg, and Paul Kantner
  • Co-Produced by Keith Grant and Steven Schuster
  • Production Coordinator: Pat Ieraci (Maurice)
  • Recording Engineers: Keith Grant, Valerie Clausen, Mallory Earl, and Bob Matthews
  • Synthesizer Programmer & Mixdown Engineer: Keith Grant
  • Orchestra Arrangements: Steven Schuster
  • Recorded at Wally Heider's, San Francisco
  • Mastered at the Lacquer Channel, Sausalito
  • Contractor: Sidney Margo

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