Mangrove Cay

Mangrove Cay

Mangrove Cay is one of the districts of the Bahamas, on Andros Island.

Mangrove Cay, located in the South Central part of Andros, is separated from North Andros by straits known as North and Middle Bight. It is often described as an island within an island, and has a beautiful coastline on the east, inundated with blue holes and a portion of the Great Andros Barrier Reef. The "Cay" is really comprised of a number of little towns whose names bespeak their origins: Little Harbour (or Moxey Town), Burnt Rock, Pinders (the largest settlement), Swains, Dorsette, Peaks, Grants, Orange Hill, Victoria Point, Lisbon Creek.

This is one of the few places where a visitor can still get a glimpse of the way of life that characterized the Islands of the Bahamas half a century ago. Dishes prepared in outside rock oven and pothole farming methods are just a few features that distinguish Mangrove Cay from many other Out Island communities. Here recreational pursuits are all nature based: scuba dividing, snorkeling, miles of selected beaches, kayak tours, bicycling, nature walks and world-class bone fishing. Mangrove Cay boasts no less than half a dozen guest houses, small hotels and fishing lodges.

Twice daily flights from Nassau on Western Air and a twice-daily water taxi service provide easy access to Mangrove Cay. Boat service from North Andros can be made by advance arrangement with one of the Mangrove Cay hotels.

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