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Type of verse in honour of a god or goddess in Bengal. Most mangal-kavya tell how a local deity established his or her worship on earth. They are often recited at the festivals of the deities they praise. Some have become so popular that performers sing them to entertain village audiences. Many variants exist, since each singer is free to change the verses. Most are written in a simple couplet form, using earthy imagery drawn from village, field, and river.

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Mangal is the name for Turkish barbecue. In a more social context, it resembles braai of South Africa.

Mangal is popular in Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Armenia, and countries in the Levant. Mangal is also used in the former Soviet Union to make Shashlik.

Beyond just consuming food, mangal often means a family or friends gathering. Generally held in gardens or picnic areas, it stresses the hospitality towards the guests.

The menu always has a kind of meat. A typical mangal meal will consist of grilled vegetables, shish kebabs of various kinds and meatballs named köfte. Grilled chicken wings, chicken breasts and offal is also common. Salads and other cold foods accompany the meal. Şalgam or ayran are common drinks, alcoholic drinks are also consumed by some.

Mangal was originally the name for a kind of indoors heater that was replaced by Western-type stoves in early 20th century.


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