Mandy Chiang

Mandy Chiang

Mandy Nga-man Chiang is a Hong Kong singer signed to the Emperor Entertainment Group, Music Icon Rocords. Her music career first began in 2002 when she partnered up with Yumiko Cheng (鄭希怡) and Maggie Lau (劉思惠) to form the female group: 3T. The female group published one album (少女蝶) and separated shortly after. Then, in 2005, Mandy's music career began again when she was asked to be a duet couple with Don Li. Together, they have released three albums. In January 2007, Chiang announced that she and Li will continue their music careers as solo artists. Her debut solo album has been released on April 24th, 2007 titled: Other Half. She also appeared in several movies and TV-series.



  • 3T - Butterfly (2003)
  • Don & Mandy (2005)
  • Don & Mandy - Rainy Lover (2006)
  • Don & Mandy - Winter Lover (2006)
  • Mandy Chiang - Other Half (2007)
  • Mandy Chiang - Winter Story (2007)

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