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Tandja, Mamadou, 1938-, Nigerien political leader, president of Niger (1999-), b. Maine-Soroa. He attended military schools in Madagascar and Mali, joining the army in the mid-1950 and rising to the rank of colonel. In 1974 he was part of a coup that brought General Seyni Kountché to power. Tandja subsequently served as prefect of the Tahoua and Maradi regions, ambassador to Nigeria, and minister of the interior, as well as commander of several army garrisons. He retired from the army in 1991 to head the National Movement for the Development of Society. He made unsuccessful bids for the presidency in 1993 and 1996 before being elected in 1999; he was reelected in 2004. Under Tandja, Niger has experienced a period of relative economic and social stability, but his insistence on holding a referendum on his running for a third term, which was ruled illegal by the constitutional court, led in 2009 to his rule by decree and his dismissal of parliament and the court. The vote in favor of ending term limits and extending his current term by three years was denounced by the opposition was rigged.

MAMADOU is a Senegalese band. Originally called "Mamadou Diop and the Jolole Band", the group was founded in early 1998, later simplifying their name to "MAMADOU" in late 2000.

The group began when West African rhythm guitarist and singer Mamadou Diop was introduced to a group of jazz musicians consisting of Czech guitarist Pavel Jirka, bassist John Pfister, and drummer Ted Sillars. Soon afterwards, they changed their format to exclusively original and traditional songs influenced by West African rhythms mixed with cubano, salsa, merengue, reggae, mbalax, and various other styles. Senegalese percussionist Ibrahima Camara was brought in to provide sabar drumming, accompanied by Mamadou and Ted during "percussion jams". Finally, keyboardist Adam Zampino joined the band. As of early 2007, the current configuration of the group includes Mamadou Diop, Pavel Jirka, Adam Zampino, singer and percussionist Michelle Cherie Foss-Zampino, drummer Mitch Cohen, and percussionist Mamadou Diouck.

Unlike most other African music groups, this band was started in the United States. They are based in Salem, Massachusetts, and the accompanying musicians are mostly American artists.


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