Mahwi or Mehwî (Mala Muhammad Mela Osman Ballkhi), (1830-1906), was a Kurdish poet and sufi. He studied in Sablakh and Sinne. He became a judge in the court of Sulaimaniya in 1862. He travelled to Istanbul and met Abd-ul-Hamid II in 1883. He established a khaneqah in Sulaimniya and named it after the Ottoman sultan. In his poems, he mainly promotes sufism.


A collection of his poems has been published several times.

  1. Dîwanî Mehwî, Sulaimaniya, 1922.
  2. Dîwanî Mehwî, Edited by Jamal Muhammad Muhammad Amin, Sarkewtin Publishers, Sulaimaniya, 1984.
  3. Dîwanî Mehwî, Edited and Analyised by Mala Abdolkarimi Modarres and Muhammad Mala Karim, Hissam Publishers, Baghdad, 1977 and 1984.


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