Mahumodo was a rock/hardcore/post-hardcore band from the UK. By the time they split in 2003, had a cult underground following. The band had received critical praise for both their live shows and EPs, with comparisons to American favourites Deftones, Will Haven and Tool.

In their five years they recorded four EPs; 'Shels', 'Bythewaters', 'Aprils' and '*Waves', all released on their own label, Shelsmusic.

The band split in 2003 when founding member Mehdi Safa, left the UK to live in California.

Post Mahumodo Projects

In 2003 Mehdi Safa, the lead singer of Mahumodo and drummer Tom Harriman started a new Project called *shels. They have since released an EP and an album: Wingsfortheirsmiles and Sea Of The Dying Dhow respectively, which features members of the now defunct bands, Eden Maine and Fireapple Red when touring. A new release, Laurentian's Atoll, is released in November 2007, including an EP of new songs and the Wingsfortheirsmiles EP as bonus tracks.

The rest of the band went on to form Devil Sold His Soul with vocalist Ed Gibbs. The band has released one EP Darkness Prevails and one album A Fragile Hope. Drummer Tom Harriman was first in Devil Sold His Soul, but left after their EP to join *shels.


Shels EP Bythewaters EP April's EP Waves EP

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