MagyPath is a logic boardgame primarily developed for Windows Mobile devices. The goal is to pass all 100 levels and obtain as many points as possible.


At the start, the first mapping of the green, yellow, red and blue squares is displayed. The player moves from the bottom row and climbs to the top row, stepping on the green squares adjacent to square the player is currently on. If there are no green squares, the player can use yellow ones, but this reduces the number of player's "lives" by one. Stepping on red or blue squares is not allowed.

Each time the player steps to a green or yellow square, the color of some of the other green, yellow or red squares is changed, closing and opening steps on the path to the top. (Blue squares do not change.) A square that has been stepped on changes to gray, and is joined to the path to the top row. The player can move along the already traversed path squares freely to access adjacent green or yellow square for their next step.

Every move to a higher line increases the score by 15. Every green or yellow square joined to the path decreases the score by one. When the top is reached, the player goes to the next level, and starts at the bottom row again. Each new level adds another life.

The main game strategy is to reach to the top row of as many levels as possible, stepping on as few squares as possible.

Game settings

It is possible to customize styles of the squares from Options menu. In MagyPath v1.2 players can choose from four styles.

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