Magnet Mart

Magnet Mart

Magnet Mart is a company which operates large hardware stores around Canberra and southern New South Wales in Australia. The first store with the Magnet Mart name was opened in 1985 in Queanbeyan, although stores which later became Magnet Marts were opened as the Paul's Home Centres in Phillip in 1972 and Belconnen in 1976. A large 13,500 m2 store in Gungahlin opened in 2002. A large store was also opened in Griffith in the Riverina region of New South Wales in 2005. This store was sold out to Bunnings Warehouse in August 2006.

Magnet Mart television advertisements feature prominently in Canberra and feature the many misadventures of the "Magnet Mart Guy" (played by actor Brendan Sloane). The slogan "Always cheaper cheaper Oi!" and its accompanying jingle were part of a well-known advertising campaign shown during the eighties and nineties.

Until 2006 Magnet Mart's slogan was "The Challenge Keeps us Cheaper", until it was replaced by "Better Prices, Better People". In January 2008 advertising was relaunched, ditching "Magnet Mart Guy" for a couple and their neighbour, Gus. The new slogan "Start Smart" (with Magnet Mart) was adopted.

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