Magburaka is the capital and largest city of Tonkolili District in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. It is the second largest city in the Northern Province after Makeni and the 6th largest city in Sierra Leone with a population of 16,313 in the 2004 census. Current estimates of the population vary from under 15,000 to as high as 100,000, though this high estimate probably includes the surrounding district. It is located at around , along the Rokel River. Magburaka lies just about 26 miles (42 km) south-west of Makeni and 90 miles (145 km) east of the nation's capital Freetown Like in virtually all parts of Sierra Leone, the Krio language is widely spoken in the city.

Magburaka is home to the first Secondary School, The Government Secondary School for Boys (Boys' School) and first Girls School in the North, Mathora. The city is also the site of the biggest hospital outside Freetown and is a leader in education in the Northern Province. The current president of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma is a graduate from the Magburaka Government Secondary School for Boys, one of the elite secondary schools in Sierra Leone. The school is well known for producing some of the most gifted students in the country.


The population of Magburaka is ethnically diverse, Although the Temne and Limba make up the largest ethnic groups.


Like the rest of Sierra Leone, football is the most popular sport in Magburaka. The major football club that represent the city and the entire Tonkolili District is the Golden Dragon F.C., which is currently playing in the Sierra Leone National Premier League, the top football league in the country.

Notable people from Magburaka

  • Minkailu Bah, Sierra Leone's minister of Education, Youth and Sports
  • Mohammad Rashid, football star
  • Osman Deen, Class of 1996, Government Secondary School for Boys. Financial Advisor, J.P.Morgan Chase & Co.

Dr. John M Kabia (JMK), Programme Worker, Survivors for Peace



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