Made-Up Lovesong 43

Made-Up Lovesong 43

"Made-Up Lovesong #43" is a song by Guillemots, from their album, Through the Windowpane. It was released as a single; their first to be chart-eligible. An older version of the song appears on I Saw Such Things in My Sleep EP and From the Cliffs.

Track listing

CD Single

  1. "Made-Up Lovesong #43"
  2. "Woody Brown River" (demo)
  3. "The Dormouse & The Meerkat"
  4. "Made-Up Lovesong #43" (Video)

7" Picture Disc

  1. "Made-Up Lovesong #43"
  2. "Parafuso"
  3. "Atina"

7" Single

  1. "Made-Up Lovesong #43"
  2. "Dunes "


  • According to the inside of the CD's cover, Shingai Shoniwa (of Noisettes) contributes "joyous additional singin' & clickin'".
  • The song has been heard twice in the background on popular British soap-opera, "Coronation Street" in 2006.
  • On June 18, 2006, the band performed this song for their only appearance on "Top of the Pops", one day before it was announced that the show was to be canceled.
  • The song has featured on three different releases, each with a different version of the title; "Made Up Love Song #43", "Made-Up Lovesong #43" and "Made Up Lovesong #43". These appear on the CD single, their debut album Through the Windowpane and their From the Cliffs EP respectively.

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