MacIver, Robert Morrison

MacIver, Robert Morrison

MacIver, Robert Morrison, 1882-1970, Scottish-American sociologist, b. Scotland, grad. Univ. of Edinburgh and Oxford. He began teaching at Columbia Univ. in 1927. His books, in which he discusses the complexities of social and political organization, include Community: A Sociological Study (1917), Society: Its Structure and Changes (1931), The Web of Government (1947), The Pursuit of Happiness (1955), Life: Its Dimensions and Its Bounds (1960), The Challenge of the Passing Years (1962), Social Causation (1964), The Prevention and Control of Delinquency (1966), Politics & Society (1969), and On Community, Society, and Power; Selected Writings, ed. by L. Bramson (1970).

(born April 17, 1882, Stornoway, Outer Hebrides, Scot.—died June 15, 1970, New York, N.Y., U.S.) Scottish-born U.S. sociologist and political scientist. He taught at the University of Aberdeen and later at Canadian and U.S. universities, principally Columbia (1915–26). He believed in the compatibility of individualism and social organization and saw societies as evolving from highly communal states to states in which individual functions and group affiliations were extremely specialized. His works included The Modern State (1926), Leviathan and the People (1939), and The Web of Government (1947).

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Robert, Robbie or Rob Morrison is the name of several persons:

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