Maas, Nicolaes: see Maes, Nicolaes.
Maas, river: see Meuse.
Maas is a Dutch and North German surname from a short form of Thomas.


  • James Maas, American social psychologist, Professor at Cornell University, and Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow
  • Kevin Maas (born 1965), American former major league baseball player
  • Peter Maas (1929–2001), wAmerican journalist and author
  • Paulus Johannes Maria Maas (born 1939), Dutch botanist and a specialist in the flora of the neotropics
  • Willard Maas (1906-1971), American experimental filmmaker and poet


  • MAAS, Multimedia Analysis and Archive System
  • Maas, an open water racing shells manufacturer
  • A recording name for Ewan Pearson
  • An alternative name for Amasi
  • An alternative name for Maghas, the capital city of the medieval kingdom of Alania
  • Kfar Ma'as, a moshav in Israel
  • The German or Dutch name for the Meuse River
  • Mobility as a Service, Business use of mobile technology through an Internet-based information technology (IT) platform


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